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If it was ever really down, I never noticed. My wife and I each bought new Macbook Pros within the last few months, and http://www.apple.com/startpage/ was and is the functioning start page on both of them.
iSuppli only lists the cost of the bucket of parts. They don't understand the R&D, they don't know what the QC is like at those plants (how many get rejected). What's the failure rate on the aluminum enclosures, for instance (both the milling and the assembly)? What are Apple's costs related to marketing and distribution? I ordered mine with free shipping, how much does that cost?
This is interesting. During the keynote, Apple very clearly called the processor in the iPad mini an A5X, not an A5. They even put it up in a graphic on the screen.
I'd be fine with the update taxing the battery while it instals as long as it actually fixes the battery life problems once it is. I don't see battery fixes listed as one of its features though.
Charges haven't shown up yet, but that doesn't mean anything. It's not uncommon for friday charges to not show up until monday.
I've always bought my Apple products in-store. This is the first time I've pre-ordered, and I'm wondering about something: do they charge your account when you place the order, or when it ships?
Mine said 11/2 when I put it in my cart, but it was changed to "end of November" by the time I finished the check-out.
I don't need the cellular, but I absolutely want the GPS. It would be nice if both versions had the GPS chip, and only the 4G/LTE radio was the differentiating factor. Since it isn't though, I'll still pay the extra and likely never put a SIM in it.
The obsession with thin for the iMac is grossly overdone. A much better use of their engineering time would be making opening the damn thing up easier. It should not be easier to upgrade my laptop than my desktop.
If they intend to market it as a reading device, and they don't do something to substantially reduce the glare that you get on the current models, they'll be setting themselves up for another round of the same thing that's happening with maps. There will be no end of over the top "man blinded trying to use iPad" type stories being carried my the mainstream press. And they'll actually have a point this time. My iPad is completely unusable outside because of the excessive...
New Posts  All Forums: