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iSquint converts almost any video format to iPod/aTV/h.264 and adds to the iTunes library automatically. It's very easy to use, works very quickly, and it's free.
None of those choices are a mid-priced, mid-sized tower.
Thanks, that's the one I was thinking of. Forgot that was retail only.
This is exactly the computer I want Apple to make for me. I'm still very angry at Apple for giving me no other usable choice besides the iMac I was essentially forced to buy if I wanted to run OS X. I'm not even concerned about the price on this unit. Its most significant selling feature is the fact that it exists. If Apple sold a mid-tower, this product would get a resounding WhoGAS, even if Apple's version was more than twice the price.
Didn't we have a story posted here on Ai that claimed Apple's recent market share was much higher than this?
Every company has to start somewhere. None of this is proof of anything other than they are a brand new company.
No track record works both ways, they have no negative experiences yet either. When I said "if it comes to fruition" I guess I should have added "if it really works as a Mac". IMO, they don't even have to discount it. The form factor alone will drive sales. They could charge $1500 and they'll still get it if it works. Like I said in the first post, I want to buy a Mac from Apple, but Apple doesn't make the Mac I and millions of other Mac users need. If Apple gave me a...
Bingo. That would be the reason that this product would be successful; Apple does not sell the product that a large number of Mac users want to buy. If someone else comes along as does so, Apple's losses are entirely of their own doing. I just bought a new iMac, but I'll give it to my son and buy an OpenMac in a heartbeat if it actually comes to fruition, for no other reason than it's the Mac I wanted to buy from Apple in the first place.
I have the 2.4. It's particularly bad for those purposes, because you often get an odd posterized effect in the shadows and heavily saturated areas. like I said in my previous post, my quick and dirty solution was to add a second monitor that had better image quality. Working with dual monitors is pretty nice anyway, so it's not all negative.
This one lawsuit I absolutely agree with, and if it goes class action, I'm going to look into joining it. I am absolutely appalled by the poor quality monitor on my 20" Aluminum iMac. The old 20" iMac has great screens, so I had no reason to question if this one would. Even the low-end 22" LG LCD I have hooked up as a second monitor absolutely blows this iMac screen out of the water. It's by far the worst quality monitor I've ever had, and I never would have bought it if...
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