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I'm using Safari 3.0.4, in OS X 10.5.2, with an Intel iMac, and I've had literally none of the problems listed in this thread. As recently as a month ago, I was using Safari 3.0.4, in OS X 10.4.11, on a G4 tower, and I had ALL of them, all of the time. On the new machine with Leopard, Safari is by far the fastest, most stable browser around. On the old one with Tiger it was a nightmare.
When I hover over a link in Safari, the real address of that link shows up in the status bar. Identifies phishers right away. Besides, the bottom line is, you should never rely on any built in security measure. Assume that a message sent by a financial institution or the like is false until you know otherwise. Don't click the link, open a new window and manually type the proper URL.
re: shuffle pricing: The refurbs and the new ones are the same price now! How does that make sense? re: iPod headphones: The ones that came with my 160GB Classic are a lot better than the ones that came with my second gen Nano. They sound a lot better than any of the other headphones I have actually. Better bass, fuller sound, less noise, etc.
Except for those special features, there's no reason to want to buy or rent a retail disc.
You only listen to an audiobook once in most cases. What device you use to listen the tracks is of no consequence. Worst case, one might say that you should delete the files after you listen to them. No matter how you slice it though, it's not stealing on any level.
I listen to audiobooks on my iPod more than any other content. I can "read" 10 times as many books that way without having to stop doing everything else I do. I listen at work, in the car, doing chores, exercising, etc, all times where a physical book couldn't be read anyway. I love it. I tried to used Audible several times, but they never actually activate my account, and they will not respond to emails, ever. So I use the library. He's using the library.
How do you figue that?
If the studios think revenue is down now, they haven't seen anything yet if they try that business model.
That's not the only way. There's borrowing, and file sharing. You don't always have to pay for everything, and nor should you.
Most disappointing Macworld I can ever remember. Time Capsule is kind of cool, but the rest was a complete waste of time.
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