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Yes.And yet, it happens all the time, defensibly so.
I said 95% of them CAN do it. As in, their machine is capable of being upgraded. Sure, some people are skittish about doing themselves. Those people can just bring it in and pay someone else to upgrade it for them. Apple doesn't even give anyone THAT option.
If people were counterfeiting my actual product, sure. If they were contributing to a market place of accessories that actually complimented the sales of my own product, no way. It's just a cable. If Apple is going to sue over something that stupid, then they deserve ever single small-time lawsuit that gets brought against them.
Agreed on all points. I find it bordering on insane that anyone could possibly defend Apple's current lineup. The only products that are any good are prohibitively expensive, while the only affordable offerings are complete and utter garbage.I paid $1600 for my old G4. It served me very well specifically because I was able to upgrade it along the way as my needs changed. Computer prices have dropped considerably since then, yet the only comparable replacement to it Apple...
This is bad juju. These guys are making an ACCESSORY for the iPod, not copying the iPod itself. They aren't even claiming to be part of the "made for iPod" program, just compatible with it. That accessory market is good for Apple, not competition. Its very suspicious that Apple was even able to get a patent on the shape of the connector. Isn't it just a USB connector with a different shape?
Sales of Mac Pros will never be high enough to drive the graphics card market. On the other hand, a mid range consumer Mac where the user can choose his own video card definitely would do that.
I don't think there's any question at all. The xMac would be just like the iPod Nano. Both Apple and many of their sycophants loudly proclaimed that there was no need or market for flash based iPods, that HDs are where it's at. Then the shuffle and Nano came out, and Apple's only problem was keeping up with demand. I have no doubt whatsoever that if Apple produced a machine that roughly equalled the specs of the Psystar, even at twice the price, that they would not be...
Very true, and pretty much impossible to overstate. When I dl a movie, I might want to watch it on my computer/iPod/aTV/whatever at first, but ultimately, I think most consumers expect to be able to burn it to a DVD so they can free up the space from their hard drive AND be able to play it on their regular consumer DVD players. For me at least, this is a bigger issue than the cost.
Depends on where you live. They're still legal in Canada and a few other countries. The Canadian recording industry has tried to change that a lot lately, but there are just too many personal freedom and privacy guarantees in our laws for them to be able to make a solid case so far. They keep getting tossed out both on fair use grounds, and on personal privacy grounds (That, and we already pay royalties upfront to the recording industry every time we buy blank...
They DO let people outside of Manitoba sign up for it, I know people that have. Even if it's "not offered" anymore, if you know enough to ask, you still usually get that rate with Telus, even with new customers.
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