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The removable battery is something I sure as heck will not stop griping about until they start having it in both the iPhone and the iPod lines. There is no excuse for this to not have been there in the first place.
We do not know what any new chip will or will not be able to do, OS support included. I don't believe for a second that Apple's recent successes have anything whatsoever to do with whether Macs can run Windows.
I would be shocked if Apple did not already have Macs running on PWRficient chips at Cupertino. If they DIDN'T, that would be a story all by itself. I'm inclined to think your take is a pretty accurate indication of what Apple is doing; gearing for an eventual move to their own chips. Any questions about "how will they do this" are irrelevant since we don't know what Apple's plans for those chips might be. For all we know, Apple might get PA Semi design a chip that...
It's not just older iPods. Some of new video podcasts out of iTunes don't work on my new iPod classic either, including the ones from Macworld. iTunes won't even load the Macworld ones onto the iPod. "incompatible file format" for something like that.
Well said. The gap in Apple's lineup is a lot bigger than some people are willing to admit.
I never get any pop-unders or pop-overs from this site
That's what I read the first time too. I had to squint to see if it was a joke or something.
Hardly. It's not just that the Cinema displays are better, most other LCDs are better too. The low-end LG external monitor that I hooked up to my iMac is significantly better than the iMac screen. If LG can source low cost LCDs that are of acceptable quality, why can't Apple?
iSquint converts almost any video format to iPod/aTV/h.264 and adds to the iTunes library automatically. It's very easy to use, works very quickly, and it's free.
None of those choices are a mid-priced, mid-sized tower.
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