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The price direct from Radiohead was even better, and the tracks were higher quality.
Safari opens every link that I want opened in a tab, in a tab, every time. It's brilliantly simple: click if you want a new window, command-click if you want a tab.
I currently pay $2.99 for two physical DVD rentals. One is a new release for one day, the other is a "catalogue" movie for 7 days. Regular catalogue movies by themselves are 99ยข for 7 days. I can be at my local video store and back in under 10 minutes. iTunes rentals would have to come in a lot less than than two for $2.99 (or one old one for a buck) considering how long it takes to download them, AND I don't get the extra content from the DVDs.
Some parts of the DCMA comply with international regulations, other parts clearly violate them. I strongly suspect you will see the opposite. People are tired of pro-corporate/anti-personal freedom legislation. The tide is clearly turning in favor of opening up personal use rights, not restricting them. Industry is certainly making a lot of noise, but governments for the most part are telling them to sit and spin. The US pretty much stands alone with respect to favoring...
Even there, only if it's active distribution. Just putting something in your downloads folder that somebody else would have access to is not illegal either.If anything, it's the US that's in violation of international copyright laws with the DMCA. Just look at the DRM situation. In the US it's illegal to remove DRM, many other places it's illegal to put the DRM there in the first place.
Courts in Canada have repeatedly upheld an individual's right to copy and/or download for personal use. The Canadian copyright act specifically states that copies made for private use are not an infringement of the copyright.http://www.news.com/2100-1027_3-5182641.html
It's not theft. Theft requires a loss. The original product is still there for anyone who wants to buy it, and nobody paid to produce a product that cannot be sold. Perhaps it's illegal where you live, but downloading for personal use is perfectly legal here.
Music downloads... No I would not pay for them either. At least not the price itms charges for a full album. The value just is not there. I did pay $5 each to Radiohead and Saul Williams to download their new albums. In that case, the money at least actually went to the artists, and the full album was priced rationally. Services are different, because the performance of the service can have value in certain circumstances. The presentation of a movie at a theatre does,...
$399 is very much high-end. My cell provider is giving away HTCs and Blackberries for free on a three year contract. Around here at least, you'd have to try very hard to find a phone of any kind that is more than $150.
3-4 dollars each for download rentals? As if. One reason physical media has more value, even as a rental, is you can use it anywhere. Any DVD player, any computer, most video game units, even a lot of car decks. The limitations on iTunes videos that you BUY are already far too restrictive, rentals are going to be one step short of useless. Besides, a digital file has no value. That's why people are unremorseful about bittorrent downloading, there is no physical...
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