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Verizon's position may not be entirely defense. Didn't Verizon actually add more new subscribers during the first quarter after the initial iPhone launch than AT&T did? If you don't travel overseas, but you do travel a lot in North America, CDMA can have advantages over GSM.
The human body is amazingly adaptive. Sure, veganism is far from an optimum diet, but many people who eat mostly but junk food somehow manage to live reasonably healthy lives too.
I have a 160GB Classic, a 16GB Touch, a 1 GB Shuffle, and a 2 GB Nano. I use them all depending on what I'm doing.The Classic is amazing for being able to take everything with you. You don't have to think about what to load onto it, just leave it set to sync when you plug in. This is the one I take to work, and use in the car. It's by far the most versatile iPod, but the weight can be a problem. I tried using it while doing stair sprints for instance, and I felt like it...
I wish Steve all the best. I'm praying for him. I do not, however, expect that he owes me or anyone else any explanation of his private business. Besides that, I have complete confidence that if his health really were as bad as the rumors, that he would already have a well guarded transition plan in place should it be needed.
EULAs are far too restrictive to have a reasonable expectation to be enforceable in any way. Click to accept is just another way of saying "yeah, yeah, whatever". There's no signature, no proof of who accepted what. "I lied when I clicked accept" is a perfectly reasonable defense anyway, IMO. Why? Because you already bought the product. Paid money for the physical box, without having to sign anything upon purchase. What I do with that box or its contents is none of the...
Thou dost protest too much, methinks.
Depends on the phone. You can get unlimited data from Telus and Bell for $30 on basically any phone that is not a Blackberry. This includes the new Samsung Instinct and LG Dare. Rogers cannot even come close to the rates that Telus customers can get, especially since Telus lets customers change their plan at any time, and lets customers choose legacy/regional/retention plans even in mid-contract.
Wow. I knew Rogers was going to hose us, but even I didn't think it would be that bad.
Maybe Dell already paid them off?
Unless I'm missing something, these rates seem pretty expensive to me too. Canadian mobile rates are generally considered to be unfairly high, and yet my carrier's posted smartphone rates (for Manitoba anyway) are lower and more flexible than what I'm seeing attributed to at&t for the iPhone. Granted, the phones that I can get these rates for are crap, but still. It will be very interesting to see what Rogers does for rate plans here, as I can see this being a serious...
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