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If $16 is the COST price that the movie studios are charging for a lower quality digital file with no special features, they can kiss what's left of their business goodbye. Bitttorrent is looking better and better every day.
No worries, not the first time someone did not believe me about my rate. BTW, you can get that plan anywhere in Canada if you know to ask for it. I know plenty of people who have. They just don't advertise it outside of Manitoba for some reason. It's also worth mentioning that even if it was grandfathered, you still can't dismiss it. Telus always lets you keep the plan you are on, even if they cancel it for new subscribers. I also know plenty of Rogers customers who have...
"I am certain there is too much certainty in the world." -Michael Crichton
Supertalk 10 is a current plan, not grandfathered. I just signed up for it last month. http://www.telusmobility.com/mb/plan...k_mb_all.shtml
Rogers has decent coverage in south central Ontario, but that's pretty much it. In most of the country, if you are not right in the metro area of a major centre, you get no signal whatsoever with Rogers. A five minute drive outside of Winnipeg, and you've got nothing. Driving through Saskatchewan, nothing. Large parts of Alberta, nothing.Virtually all of BC, nothing. I found this out the hard way in October. Our CDMA phones had 4 bars, the GSM phones had no signal, almost...
I'm having a hard time understanding how it's possible to vote without presenting ID, and who could possibly be opposed to it. If you are opposed to it, that means you WANT fraud.
Better for what? I'm on Telus, and my current plan is $20/mo. (That's Super Talk 10, plus Spark 10) I get: 250 anytime mins, unlimited evenings and weekends. 100 outgoing text messages, unlimited incoming. Caller ID, Voice mail, call waiting, conference calling Unlimited web browsing to Telus' top 100 sites. This covers any news, weather, sports, TV schedule, movie listings and the like that i would ever use from my phone. I've yet to think of something that I want to use...
Nice that Canada's finally getting the iPhone, too bad it has to be Rogers. They are the worst of the worst for mobile phones in Canada. Rogers is the only teleco that I would never use, no matter what.
CDMA is big in Canada too. We only have one GSM provder, and there are vast areas of the country where it gets no signal. A lot of people think that Rogers playing hardball is why we don't have the iPhone here yet, but I'm more inclined to believe it's because there's no point in entering the Canadian market if you don't have a CDMA product.
Doesn't matter either way, because it's a fantasy.
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