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Apple should sell this device to the cable companies for them to provide as the cable box to their clients. If Motorola ca do it, Apple should be able to do it better.
Flaky in what respect? Certainly not stability, I've never seen VLC lock up or crash, and it's probably the only application for any platform that I can say that about. What do you think is better?Heard of one, sure. They read about them in the paper. But Plenty haven't actually seen and/or touched one (or have even a rudimentary understanding of what it does). Heck, I had somebody ask me a little while ago what the internet was. He'd read about it, but didn't understand...
[QUOTE=solipsism;1227950 I know plenty of people that know nothing about torrents or transcoding media.[/QUOTE] Not everyone knows about every software out there. I know plenty of people who know nothing about Macs, iPods, OS X, or iTunes. Every top downloads tracker I've ever seen has VLC being a lot more popular than iTunes. Many of them have it listed as the number one download. As a standalone player, VLC is actually really good. Just drop files in the playlist, and...
They sure know about ThePirateBay and VLC though!
Depends on how you look at it. Sure, the costs are built in to the price of the service plan. It might not be truly free, but with the iPhone it's still extra.
As a standalone replacement handset, it is. Problem is, Apple won't allow carriers to subsidize the cost on contracts. I know a lot of people with Blackberries, and none of them (individuals or companies) paid anything for the handsets.
I'm using Safari 3.0.4, in OS X 10.5.2, with an Intel iMac, and I've had literally none of the problems listed in this thread. As recently as a month ago, I was using Safari 3.0.4, in OS X 10.4.11, on a G4 tower, and I had ALL of them, all of the time. On the new machine with Leopard, Safari is by far the fastest, most stable browser around. On the old one with Tiger it was a nightmare.
When I hover over a link in Safari, the real address of that link shows up in the status bar. Identifies phishers right away. Besides, the bottom line is, you should never rely on any built in security measure. Assume that a message sent by a financial institution or the like is false until you know otherwise. Don't click the link, open a new window and manually type the proper URL.
re: shuffle pricing: The refurbs and the new ones are the same price now! How does that make sense? re: iPod headphones: The ones that came with my 160GB Classic are a lot better than the ones that came with my second gen Nano. They sound a lot better than any of the other headphones I have actually. Better bass, fuller sound, less noise, etc.
Except for those special features, there's no reason to want to buy or rent a retail disc.
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