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I really want an iPhone, but Rogers is the one carrier I would never use, they are by far the worst in the country for both billing and coverage. There are vast areas of the country that can't even get Rogers service.
It's not the same. You can't link directly to the album sale in one click within the browser.
What color is the sky in your world?
I've used both. I like iTunes better, but Amazon is good enough that easy direct web links that don't require iTunes to be installed will be a huge plus for it. This referral system has been huge for books with Amazon. Bloggers and news sites of all sorts put links to Amazon right in the text of their articles all the time. They start doing that for music, and Amazon's music store will get very big, very fast. Apple's only defense will be to implement some sort of...
MP3 is absolutely the current standard for digital audio files. Car stereos, other portable devices, home theatres, etc, all universally support this format. Most online sources of digital music outside of iTunes are MP3. I just bought Radiohead's new album direct from their site. Guess which format it is in? Even most podcasts that I download directly through iTunes are supplied in MP3 format, not AAC. I have dozens of subscriptions, and I'm pretty sure that Macworld's...
Five years is a MINIMUM that older machines need to be supported to the current OS. Considering the thousands of dollars invested, the decided lack of physical upgrade paths in most of Apple's machines, even that would be horrendously poor customer service if that was as far back as it went. When you spend three grand on something, it's still brand new after three years. At five years, MAYBE it's time to start looking for a CPU or GPU upgrade, but you should still have...
There are plenty of climate scientists who disagree with Gore. Those who do claim to agree are also just in it for the money; the research grants.
Of course he doesn't believe it. FOLLOW THE MONEY.
Climate Change is not propaganda, climate is changing all the time. Catastrophic global warming, with human CO2 emissions as it's direct cause, THAT is propaganda. He's selling books, movies, speaking tours, and is heavily invested in carbon trading companies. Follow the money.I agree, all of that is ALSO propaganda. If any of that was actually happening, you might have a point. Considering that it's NOT, you don't.I see. Because I don't like it when people lie to me, that...
I didn't know there was a Nobel Prize for propaganda.
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