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I'm surprised that Nokia is still so high. I hardly ever see them anymore. I just assumed they had slipped at least below RIM.
I'm wondering if Apple is missing the big picture here. Having a large library of apps, especially free ones, keeps people coming to look at the store. More exposure for everything they DO sell. I'm thinking about how it works with iTunes. I download 20+ podcasts a week. It keeps me coming back to the iTunes store regularly, occasionally actually buying something I see as well. If I had not been there specifically for the free content in the first place, I would...
TWENTY BUCKS for a digital download movie? Are they nuts? I'd buy the odd one if they were around the current rental price to purchase, but these prices just send me right back to the Pirate Bay.
I sure hope they finally fix the dock and app switcher problems too. It's getting really annoying having to force quit just to see what's running. On the other hand, I have yet to experience any problems with CS3 in Leopard. It works perfectly, rock solid.
Their argument is, when you search for Mighty Mouse, you can't find the M&M one, even if you know what you are looking for. (Unless you remember the company name of "Man & Machine") I predict an out of court settlement: M&M gets a small payout from Apple and CBS, but in return both turns over the rights to their trademark application, AND starts paying a small royalty to use it in the future.
If that's the labels' plan, they will lose, again. What little Apple and Amazon are doing right is just barely slowing the tide of P2P use. Eliminate a well-priced and well-positioned source for the express purpose of raising prices, and piracy will just take up the slack, not the higher priced product. Sales will drop again until the prices get lower still. Long term, again, consumer wins.
No. Appropriating the direct functionality of certain aspects of the competition is done all of the time, always has been. I fully understand that you don't LIKE it, but you need to admit that is how it works, even if you still think that it shouldn't.Some do, MOST don't.
No, it means you are somehow unaware of the existence of countless consumer products that freely borrow parts of each others designs without permission and without penalty.
Yes.And yet, it happens all the time, defensibly so.
I said 95% of them CAN do it. As in, their machine is capable of being upgraded. Sure, some people are skittish about doing themselves. Those people can just bring it in and pay someone else to upgrade it for them. Apple doesn't even give anyone THAT option.
New Posts  All Forums: