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I'd love to see a politician actually propose this idea here. It would be not only the end of his/her political career, it would probably be the end of that political party too. Seriously, It's a tiny, tiny minority that feels the way you describe. Doing just about anything to get Quebec to quit whining, sure, but join the US? Not a chance. Most Canadians want to have a lot less to do with the US, not more. "America=bad" is one of the few things Canadians are virtually...
Say what? That they want to join the US, or that NAFTA just takes from us and gives nothing back?
Four bucks. Twenty-four hours. Nowhere near DVD quality. You still need to buy an Apple TV, and you have to wait while it downloads. That's the worst deal in movie rentals I've ever seen. I pay less to rent 2 physical DVDs at my local video store, keep one of them for 7 days, and I can be there and back in ten minutes. If this rumour is true, even $1.99 would be really pushing it for this service. UNLESS.... Apple builds in a "nudge-nudge-wink-wink" way of...
I've seen HD-DVD players going for under $200 recently. I wonder if this is why?
The price direct from Radiohead was even better, and the tracks were higher quality.
Safari opens every link that I want opened in a tab, in a tab, every time. It's brilliantly simple: click if you want a new window, command-click if you want a tab.
I currently pay $2.99 for two physical DVD rentals. One is a new release for one day, the other is a "catalogue" movie for 7 days. Regular catalogue movies by themselves are 99ยข for 7 days. I can be at my local video store and back in under 10 minutes. iTunes rentals would have to come in a lot less than than two for $2.99 (or one old one for a buck) considering how long it takes to download them, AND I don't get the extra content from the DVDs.
Some parts of the DCMA comply with international regulations, other parts clearly violate them. I strongly suspect you will see the opposite. People are tired of pro-corporate/anti-personal freedom legislation. The tide is clearly turning in favor of opening up personal use rights, not restricting them. Industry is certainly making a lot of noise, but governments for the most part are telling them to sit and spin. The US pretty much stands alone with respect to favoring...
Even there, only if it's active distribution. Just putting something in your downloads folder that somebody else would have access to is not illegal either.If anything, it's the US that's in violation of international copyright laws with the DMCA. Just look at the DRM situation. In the US it's illegal to remove DRM, many other places it's illegal to put the DRM there in the first place.
Courts in Canada have repeatedly upheld an individual's right to copy and/or download for personal use. The Canadian copyright act specifically states that copies made for private use are not an infringement of the copyright.http://www.news.com/2100-1027_3-5182641.html
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