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Consumer desktop Mac minitower. This is a gaping hole in your line up, FILL IT!!!! I hate MS, and Vista sucks monkey balls, but HP makes exactly the boxes I want and Adobe CS3 apps work pretty much the same cross-platform. I'm almost convinced I could grudgingly live with XP if it meant being able to get the hardware I need. For the love of God, Apple, please don't make me go there.
This story has nothing to do with mini-discs whatsoever.
I don't understand what the controversy is. Apple knew coming in that only selling locked cell phones is illegal in Europe. It's not about the iPhone itself, it's about the consumers having the right not to be locked into a specific service provider. I wonder if those crying foul over this decision think that usury laws are just anti-competitive too?
The US is a different place. People in other parts of the world don't put up with that contract crap. Apple is trying to "force" those people into doing things the American way. That's what makes them the bad guy. To bastardize a cliche: When in Rome, you do as the Romans do, or they feed you to the lions.
The is the stupidest product I've ever heard of. Leave out the optical drive just to make it thinner? WhoGAS if a notebook is any thinner than they already are? Macbooks are already very thin and light. When people talk about "ultra-portable" they mean overall smaller dimensions, a smaller footprint, and a smaller screen. That might justify the lack of an optical drive, but "thinner"? Come on.
Only a 600 Mhz frontside bus? Am I missing something here?
My hope is that the new iMacs will get such a reputation as a troubled model that sales will plummet to the point Apple will be forced to introduce a real desktop.
I don't believe the Intel vs. PPC story for a second. There is no way in hell that Intel Mac use is even half that of PPC yet.
There was a piece about this on the national news here in Canada yesterday. Analyst was speculating that this case is much different than other patent trollers in that they probably do have a legitimate case. Apparently, they really did patent the exact specific way that wi-fi is being used these days, before anyone was doing so. Said there was very little chance of these guys NOT winning at least a licensing fee judgement. Also mentioned that it's probably not the...
This could be a good thing. It will up the burden of proof to a level that it should already be. It doesn't matter what IP address was used, you still need proof of who actually did the thing they are accussed of. I lend my car to my buddy, and he gets in an accident, he gets charged, not me.
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