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Adobe knows it has most of its customers by the short and curlies. It knows those who need the full Creative Suite, actually must have it even if they don't like the subscription model. I don't like it, I don't want it, but I have literally no choice, I'm going to have to do it. In fact it's only going to make my job tougher, because some clients will start using other products and some won't, so I'll have to buy and learn a lot more software than I otherwise need.
I don't know anyone who has gone the iMac route who didn't regret it. The issue is not the horsepower, it's the screen.
With a built-n screen? I hope that's not the answer, not unless they partner with NEC or Eizo.
I loved the form factor of my 9" HP Mini. The design and ergonomics were great, as was the feature-price ratio. At the time, I very sincerely wished that Apple would make a nearly identical machine that ran OS X, because the one thing I didn't like about it was that it ran Windows.I've since moved on to a Macbook Pro and an iPad Mini, but to this day I still would much rather have a Mac version of that HP Mini.
Does this rule mean that all "free app of the day" type apps are running afoul of Apple? I use "Appoday" pretty much daily. It's a valuable service that saves me a lot of money. An app I was already thinking about buying that is normally $30 was the free app of the day recently, I'd hate to miss out on deals like that just because Apple doesn't like it.
I think it's the opposite. They clearly tried to grab onto Apple's cache by using the "pod" descriptor for an audio device. It's Randolph's trademark that should be invalidated, (in my less than legal opinion).
Is Apple's going to be required? I hope not. If anything, what I want is a way to turn the security off. It's really annoying to have to keep entering my Apple ID every time I want to DL something. I'd like to see a "remember me" checkbox, so that the online stores work the same on my iPhone and iPad as they do on my Macs.
^^THIS^^.Right from the beginning, Apple Maps was vastly superior to Google for calculating routes that you'd actually take. I'm nowhere near California either, and around here, the Apple maps are much more accurate.
Everything I ever write is a lie, including this statement..
You're buying an offshore product either way. If Chinese made is pretty much my only option, I at least want those saving passed on to me.
New Posts  All Forums: