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They should.Look at the new Cintiq portable that Wacom just announced. It's exactly what creative professionals have been waiting for, only you're forced to use Windows on it. That machine, running OS X is exactly what Apple should have already been making. If you've ever used an a Wacom tablet with OS X, you know that it works amazingly well, and that it's a big upgrade over other input methods.
Small keyboards don't _have to_ be unusable. Yes, many of the netbook keyboards were bad, but I used to have an HP Mini, and the keyboard on that was perfect. They somehow managed to make the key spacing feel as if it was normal sized.
I'd love to see what the exact questions were. I rarely buy movies and TV shows through iTunes (and never rent them), but I do use iTunes pretty much every day and I can easily imagine a line of questions worded in such a way that my usage and satisfaction would somehow be counted in this survey.
That is better than what I thought I was reading, but still a huge rip-off. Unlimited... "plus" is not unlimited.
$110 mo for tethering? There's always a catch, sure, but MAN!!!
Higher resolution is nice, but I'd much rather see Apple put more effort into making their monitors colour accurate. The Thunderbolt display (and the iMac for that matter) is woefully inadequate if calibrated colour is important for your work. If they really want to make a "pro" display, it would be nice of they could give me a reason not to buy NEC or Eizo.
This lines up with what I've heard too. The lead time is sometimes so far ahead that it's going to be well into 2014 before the last projects that Steve Jobs was personally involved with will be released.
That part actually makes more sense than you'd think. They're probably taking these pix with a cell phone shoved in a pocket, trying to snap the shot while walking by. If they're real ( I'm not saying they are), they most likely would be pretty bad pictures. I'd be more suspicious if they were really good shots actually.
It's a fantastic addition to the Mac lineup. Consumers will want it. It's a horrible replacement for the Mac Pro tower. Real Pros will hate it.
It looks like a fun and capable upscale consumer computer. Big upgrade from a mini or an iMac, for sure. HUGE downgrade from a Mac Pro though. This will further send more audio and video professionals away from the Mac.
New Posts  All Forums: