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By "infected", you mean people installed it on their own Macs thinking it was pirated software, right?
You couldn't get much further from it at this point.You keep introducing new things to the discussion that have nothing to do with what I said. That is moving the goalposts.
Just keep moving those goalposts. Cases can be made from all manner of materials.
Now you're just making things up. Many phones exist without visible bands. They are not in any way necessary. If I can enclose them in a case and have full functionality, so can Apple.
Yes, it was. They're ugly. That's why I'm covering them up. With a case. That allows phone calls without issue.
I make calls just fine with a case on my phone.
The antenna bands are really ugly, I want a case, ANY case to cover those up right away. Adding a little thickness to a phone that is far too thin is an added bonus.
2 million is the "platinum" number, but my understanding is it only applies to sales. At least from what I've read in the past, albums that are given away are not eligible for those certifications. The number though, is the ones who got it through the iTunes store. That would be the people who don't own iOS devices, and had to specifically seek it out, wouldn't it?
I'd much rather see Apple move to the head of the display tech industry instead of always following so far behind. Ultra-wide, IMO, is much more impressive and versatile than 4k. Look at the LG 34UM95, now THAT is an impressive monitor. If Apple could bring us a 4K Ultra-wide??? Now that would make Apple a leader!
There's no reason anyone needs to hold a big phone up to their head either. Even on my current iPhone, I use an earpeice (or the earPods) when I'm on the phone most of the time. Choice. Is. Good.
New Posts  All Forums: