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Don't buy that one then. Choice is good.
It really is crazy that Apple has no non-glossy products in their entire lineup. All of the iOS devices are completely unusable in bright sunlight. I tried to use my iPhone as a bike computer with the Stava app. The app is great, but I cannot see the screen of the phone mounted on the handlebars if there's any appreciable level of sunshine. I get it that some people like the glossy screens, but non-glossy ones should at least be a BTO option. The thing I worry about is...
I don't have a jailbroken device. Guess you don't actually use the Podcast app.
Tell me about it. The way iOS 7 handles podcasts is so bad, and completely unlike anything in the Apple experience. Nearly every function in it simply doesn't work. Podcasts will not sync with iTunes, episodes you've listened to continuously reappear as unplayed, it will not remember your place, the show description info doesn't display, chapter breaks don't work. album art doesn't show up, and files that are on your phone will not show up in the app. The interface is also...
Apple was so close with the 6th Gen iPod Nano. All it was missing to be a truly great device was bluetooth.
Please, keep believing that, it's very lucrative for me.
You may not understand it, but not supplying your photos in CMYK is taking money out of your own pocket. If the publishers you use are of any quality, colour management actually matters to them, which means they need to be working in the proper profile for the press that the book is going to be printed on. The gamut in RGB is much wider than the gamut in CMYK, which means there will always be colour shifting, sometimes drastically so. The publisher (or its contracted...
That is absolutely true. Pixelmator is nowhere near ready for that. This thing is still a toy. Wake me up when they get CMYK support, then it'll at least be worth a real professional's time to try using it to see what it really can and can't do. It's still nice to seen them constantly improving the application to the point that people who never really needed the full power of Photoshop do have an affordable alternative.It makes me laugh when I read of people saying that...
At first, I honestly thought it sounded like a terrible idea for Apple to buy Beats. Now I've changed my mind. If Gene Munster doesn't like it, it must be a REALLY good acquisition.
35% is what I've read that Comixology was getting. Do you have different information?
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