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Thanks for your support to France   Unfortunately, there will be others attack, but we won't give up.  I will be in Paris for the second half of the week All my wishes for the wounded and the families of the victims
The I mac retina is a all in one computer with a large screen of very high definition (and now a large gamut)  The only major cons for me , is just one HD or SSD.  Basically the I mac Take the place of a screen, you do not have any waste of place. The other good point is no  noise.  Simple looking design, at a premium price. 
I am waiting a new  I Mac Retina 27 inch, and many people are waiting for the retina 4K 20 inch I would love a 24 inch 4 K retina , but there isn't any news
I plan to buy a new I mac retina 27 inch I am waiting for the next update : hoping it for the end of the year.  I don't expect much from the new CPU, but a new GPU will be great (it's the weak point of the retina) . I also expect a new motherboard with a small PCI flash memory (128 or 256 Mb) , plus the classical HD . 
This article is an interesting analysis The major part of Apple success, is I phone and in a lesser extent I pad.  Investing in chip technology in this department, is one of the key of success, because unlike some other competitors, Apple is doing both the software and hardware, thus the synergy between A chips and IOS  is great and give good results.    X 86 is a huge market, that require a big family of chips (and not only an A and an AX version of the same chip, X...
It depends on the country  I had problems to ordered mine, yesterday morning : the store was closed for me. At the same time, other people ordered it without any problems.  It's not very important indeed, because I pre ordered what I wanted.  For the stock, it depends on the number of  Iphone already produced. 
 I even used to be an admin here, a long, long time ago, way before the Apple Watch was released  
Yes only Apple know the stock in various colors and various memory amount.  That's said, I have the feeling, that the rose gold , may be popular.  I have ordered one 6 S in 128 GB in this tone, to replace my defective 4S ( I can only use it, like an I pod: can't phone anymore) 
It should be 18 k marketing  Rose gold exist since a long time for music instrument, even if it's uncommon There is also rose copper, but i's not exactly the same color   Now, more and more watch are in rose gold (but real gold here and not the Apple imitation) Rose gold is fashion in the watch industry.    The special I watch  edition is rose gold (real one) . So the I phone rose gold, has the same color. 
The user experience is pretty good with the latest tablet, like the I pad air 2. The increase of performance of the ARM chips are way faster, than the one of Intel. If nothing changes, at this speed, the two curves will  cross   Now, one part of the good experience of the I pad is related to IOS . IOS is more light and less a waste of RAW Power than let's say mac OS X or Windows. I fear that an A9X on an I book air, will be not that good for running mac os X, with a...
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