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Very nice kids ! It's also a pleasure to see you here again.   Mine are older know My elder daughter is a medical student, and the younger is at the equivalent of your high school  : 11th grade   and my elder   Sorry to be outside the subject Coming back to the topic
Hello All It's a long time, that I was not there I am happy to see you here   For the future : I don't know. I am worried, as you are. The economy is bad, and there is many threats clouding our future. There is nothing I can do, except trying to do my best.    Cheers, Powerdoc
This is good news I am planning to upgrade my current 27 I mac for the retina one.  I hope that the graphic card will be improved, because 5 k are a great deal for graphic card especially mobile ones.  I also hope that Apple will introduce PCI e SSD, at the place of the SATA one. 
The new screen of the I mac Retina is great, but I think the Thinness franzy has gone to far. IMO.    My current I mac is a mid 2011 with a core I7 chip ,  a 256 GB SSD and 1 TB HD. Granted the SSD, the wake up time is excellent, and granted the 1 T HD, I have all the necessary place for all my photos.    Now in 2014, I have the choice to choose SSD (at a huge cost for 1GB) or a fusion drive. Fusion drive are not as performant than SSD.  For an all in one computer, I...
It depend. My hobby is photography. My plan next year is to visit , the great canyon, monument valley ... with my family. As we come from France by air plane, I do not plan to carry heavy stuff. So for me it's important to have more than 256 GB of storage. That's why I ordered the 512 GBytes model. 
I am sad today. I never met this man, but the Apple's products have been my companions of my every day life for the last two decades. I can't imagine, what will look like the computer and electronic industry without SJ. Very few people in the industrial world, had such influence than SJ. RIP Steve Jobs.
My elder daughter is 15 and my benjamine is 12. Except some back problems (sciatic) 2 years ago, everything is fine for me and my family. Cheers, Cedric
Hello Felowship, nice to see you here. I expect, everything is fine for you and your family.
I used to be here, but I am almost not here, anymore.
Yes, there is a lot of chance to see Sandy bridges Macs the next week.
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