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In most case, running a single application, Core i7 will be faster, because there is not so much software using more than 4 GB. For example CS4 only use 3 GB max of memory.
Here is my opinion (I know nobody care, but it won't prevent me to present it ) The GIEK is not very honest : their 90 % chance of being accurate is over evaluated. Climatology is a new science, and we don't know everything. Especially there is that nobody actually can simulate, like the influence of clouds. So for me we are not 100 % sure that the climatic change is linked with more CO2. And i found that there is a form of politically correct here. Every scientist...
Thanks for your answer. I am happy to hear that the performance are nearly identical (and I expect good) That's all I wanted to know
Thanks for the answer
Apart from saying that the 2 TB HD is 7200 rpm, I did not see any specifications : Plate ? Cache ? ... Does some people have this new HD, and what does they think of it (compared to the stock 1 TB) ? Thanks in advance.
I don't know for the USA, but in France and more generally in europe it goes down with the generalisation of places selling pics for 1 $, like fotolia.
The question how to deal with a basket case ? The guy is insane and perhaps able to blow the entire world if he can. That's frightening.
The financial crisis born in USA according to every economist. It was related to the subprimes Note that I did not say that all the problems europe has come from Bush. It would be totally stupid. I did not say that every decision of Obama is good in my agenda. For example raising tax for the rich is more symbolic than efficient in my point of vue. But the problem is that all economy of the world are obliged to increase the debt to avoid deflation. Of course we will...
The entire world, thanks GW Bush and his administration for this mess. Most of countries of the world face the crisis and increase the huge internal debt to avoid a total collapse of the economy. And who will pay ? Me, us for sure.
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