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I just recieved my brand new Nehalem quad core mac pro with the radeon video card. I have installed an another HD (1,5 Tera) and I am transfering right now all the files of my previous mac quad G5. I just hear the G5, wich is very noisy.
Yes it's true, for CPU (not GPU) Speed improvement of CPU have slowed down. I think that the main reason, is software. Speed improvement is now based upon multi core. The last mac pro have 8 core and HT, thus able to sustain 16 threads. The problem is that most soft just take care adavantage of 2 cores and for very shorts moments of 4 cores (like photoshop) That's why while running only one application, a 4 core nehalem 2,66 is faster than an octo core 2,66 for some...
From my past experience I learned something when it comes to mac. Take the more powerful card as possible. So I ordered a single Nehalem 2,66 with a radeon HD 4870. When I bought my quad G5, I made the mistake to take the regular geforce 6600. I should have taken the geforce 8800, but there was some extra delay. As a result I was obliged to order in the USA a radeon 1900, because in France, this card did not existed in any store. We mac user are not really...
Remembe that all Intel macs are PC, and that mac pro are no exception. Vista will run smooth, the same way it will run on a PC with the same CPU, same RAM and same Video card.
Thanks for your input Melgross I am very happy to hear that it's quiet even with the radeon ( I was efraid of that, because it's a big card). You are right, in the future, software will take advantage of more cores. That's not really a big deal for me. My plan is to change one Mac in my office every year. I always kept my best mac for home, and I replace the slowest mac at my office with my previous home mac. I do not really need raw power at my office, and even my PW...
Finally I bought the single CPU quad core nehalem 2,66 ghz. I also take the 4870 card, and 3 *2 GB or Ram. I only use my Mac for Aperture, DxO and CS2. I truly expect a nice speedbump over my quad G5, and I especially expect, something less noisy than my quad (it's so loud, that my wife refuse it in our bedroom : I can understand that) For people interested between difference in term of performance between a 4 and 8 cores, you should see this review. Remember,...
I am also a little bit disapointed by the price of the new powermac. They are more expansive than the previous generation. At one point I considered buying a new mac pro. Now I am not sure anymore. I will wait a litte bit more to replace my quad G5.
It's a wize decision. Good luck for your next job.
Funny to see this thread 4 years later. it's seems that Midwinter is not here on AI anymore ?
From a foreigner point of vue, Mac Cain seemed to be a good candidate. But Palin wasn't. I just could not imagine that one day she could be the president of the united state. Palin was a casting error. At first she was popular and the polls became better for Mac Cain. But the she started to speech, and people discovered that she was not OK at all for the job. Palin is one of the two key to understand mac cain defeat. The other key is the economical crisis.
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