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My new I mac i7 is fine, and I haven't got any flash or screen issue. That's say, I know too many people having problems. It's not marginal. I wonder if we could make a poll to see the percentage of defective 27 inch I mac.
During many years, I have been very active in the Apple outsider (and then the politcal outsider forum) . Now I am not anymore. The addiction is finish. As a mod, and an admin, it was a real mess to deal with. Many time we have considered to lock this one. But our advice was (perhaps it has changed now) : - no one is forced to enter in this arena. - it allow the other forum to be more cool. People willing to have reason whatever subject they are dealing with, find a...
In most case, running a single application, Core i7 will be faster, because there is not so much software using more than 4 GB. For example CS4 only use 3 GB max of memory.
Here is my opinion (I know nobody care, but it won't prevent me to present it ) The GIEK is not very honest : their 90 % chance of being accurate is over evaluated. Climatology is a new science, and we don't know everything. Especially there is that nobody actually can simulate, like the influence of clouds. So for me we are not 100 % sure that the climatic change is linked with more CO2. And i found that there is a form of politically correct here. Every scientist...
Thanks for your answer. I am happy to hear that the performance are nearly identical (and I expect good) That's all I wanted to know
Thanks for the answer
Apart from saying that the 2 TB HD is 7200 rpm, I did not see any specifications : Plate ? Cache ? ... Does some people have this new HD, and what does they think of it (compared to the stock 1 TB) ? Thanks in advance.
I don't know for the USA, but in France and more generally in europe it goes down with the generalisation of places selling pics for 1 $, like fotolia.
The question how to deal with a basket case ? The guy is insane and perhaps able to blow the entire world if he can. That's frightening.
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