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It's a wize decision. Good luck for your next job.
Funny to see this thread 4 years later. it's seems that Midwinter is not here on AI anymore ?
From a foreigner point of vue, Mac Cain seemed to be a good candidate. But Palin wasn't. I just could not imagine that one day she could be the president of the united state. Palin was a casting error. At first she was popular and the polls became better for Mac Cain. But the she started to speech, and people discovered that she was not OK at all for the job. Palin is one of the two key to understand mac cain defeat. The other key is the economical crisis.
Obama has been great as a candidate. Now we will have to wait, to see how he will act as a president. His team will have to deal with three huge problems : - the economic crisis - the iraq war - the afghanistan war Not really a cakewalk. Stay tuned
Thanks Former lurker and Jinmac Yes your image is funnier. I will remember it
Both are wrong. I don't know many politician who will claim that the state is evil. I doubt that Mac Cain will say that. Only an anarchist will say that : somebody against any form of authority. The discussion between various politicians is what is belonging to the state, and what is not belonging to the state. Nearly all people agree that the army, justice, must be controlled by the state. For many other things, the discussion is openI don't see much evidence on your side...
this is an old chrsitian heritage. Sex is evil, and it's good to have many childrens. A part of the chritian community do not share this opinion, while the other share it. My opinion is that the past experience teach us, that abstinence do not work in our modern society.
Doesn't mean any sense, or not more sense, than capitalism is evil and destructive The state is a tool, the important thing, is to use the best way possible. Without regulation, the world will turn wild.There is no fun game without rules
According to economists (I listen every day the economic new, because like any other, I am a bit scared about the economic crisis), the low oil prices will be a good thing for the economy. If the cost of oil, iron ..., will drop, then the prices of goodies, will be lower. Lower prices of goodies, will stimulate the world economy. Basically it's a good thing. An impact on the election : I don't know, but I have some doubts. Frankly in my point of vue, I prefer expansive...
If Al quaeda was not there, Bush junior and the neocons would not be at the head of USA.
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