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Note that the failure of Wall Street, will lead probabily to the election of OBama. Without the credit crunch, Mac Cain was the favorite.
Nice to see you here Hassan
Not forgetten at all. Lessons should be take, but we are facing an emergency.
Moral or not, the problem is that if nothing is done, the whole economy will collapse. This an emergency, the lessons of this failure should be taken later.
I did watch the debate on french TV while I have some troubles as always to sleep in a hotel. I find it boring. I was expecting blood and gut, and nothing happens I will rate both candidate the same, but Obama has an advantage. People will give him more credit as a president than before. Mc Cain already had this credit.
Mac Cain want to postpone the debate, because economy is not his best field of play (remember that he declared some weeks ago, that the root of US economy are solid). He wanted to discuss about foreign politic, something where Obama is not very confortable. If the campaign is still focusing on economy, Mc Cain have no chance to be elected. The crisis is a very bad new for him, that's why he want to delay.
Good question, because we can see two answers to this statement : - when you don't have to rent a house (because you own it) you save money or - people owning house are in a statitical point of vue more rich, than people renting. Perhaps it's a mix of both
You right Fellows, the baby himself is of course not a failure. By failure, I meaned the way I educated my child. Once the mistake is done, we have to deal it, the best way we can, and that's another story and I respect nearly all the choices. I just wanted to say IMHO that 17 is not the right age to raise a baby. At 17 99,99 % of the time you are not mature enough to raise a child.PS : the audio message is interesting, but it deal more with rebellion than anything else. I...
I dont think that a parent is responsible of all the acts of her/his child, but as a father I would consider as a personal failure if my daughter at the age of 17 will be pregnant. 17 especially in our century is not the right age for being a parent. At 17 you are a teenager, and you have better things to do, than raising a child. I don't say she has to abort, because it's her choice, but I say that 17 is too young in 2008.
This is a strange choice. Almost nobody knows her. She is the governor of alaska for 6 months, and that's nearly all. Does mac Cain choose her, because she is the only woman avalaible in the republican party who do not belong to the neocons branch ? One of the argument of Mac Cain vs Obama is his lack of experience in foreign politic. Why did the hell he choose someone with almost zero experience ?
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