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AN and AI are two differents places (like Kickaha said). At first the split was related to a problem of leadership. Then the two forums tend to become different with the time, following the natural evolution. For PO, the staff of AN did not wanted to repeat the problems encountered in the old AI. More than 50 % of the problems of moderations, come from politic and religion. I respect this opinion, even if I appreciate the space of liberty presented by PO here.
I suggest to elect Arpagon (See Moliere) as vice president*. He is at the light he manage his own money the perfect guy for the jog. For the record, Bush junior, was not the perfect busisnessman ... As Moliere is not very popular in USA, you can replace Arpagon by uncle Scrooge. You will get the idea
Pro life is an english word. We don't have this word in french. It's just anti-abortion. The number of abortion decreased in France when abortion was not outlawed anymore.
Retired people owning an house, statically have a better level of life than people renting it,
Thanks for the article Sammi JO Yes the problem is not as simple than "evil russia" My opinion is : Georgia leaders did not had the rigth to fire rockets on ossetia. Russia find that it was a perfect occasion, for a little invasion of georgia, Both are wrong, but both share the same heritage of lack of democracy and human rights ...
Fellowship rules ! I don't have a very clear opinion about the two candidates. I just find that Bush was a casting error. That's all.
No worry about rain. That's said, I am not a big fan of thunder.
I am a bit surprised that the Vatican is threatening the church of england. In my humble knowledge, the church of england is supposed to be totally independant of the Vatican. I would love to see the Vatican excommunicating the church of England. They would ridicule themselves at the eye of the whole world.
unfortunately, I can only claim to be french my mother started a genealogia and for centuries we are french (some italian blood also). Two popes are also my uncles (one was the one who destroyed the Templier order)
I dont know much russia, and I tend to forget that it belong to europe, because it extend far away in asia. I also think that USA evolved a lot in the last two decades. Nearly 25 years ago I was visiting USA with my parents. In the plane, a black women was speeching with my father, and at the arrival of the plane, the family of the women did not seemed to be happy to see her with white people, until she said that we were french. In europe in contrary I think that the...
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