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1) Yes, there is contradictions between today speech, and previous declarations. Is this an evolution, or is it political (saying what you want to hear) ? 2) McCancer is the favorite according to many european experts in political analysis.
ThanksYes I don't care either about skin color, or countrie, but I think that Obama is the best candidate, to embody a new US foreign policy. Many people outside USA still represent this country as an imperialist and somewhat racist and slavery countrie (it's untrue, USA is multicolored and multicultural, while europe did not understand, that she is becoming this way). What best proof to give to the rest of the world that it is untrue : the fact that Obama is elected...
Well the history of USA en Europe is not exactly the same. The equal rights for black and white in USA are not so old (just a few decades). Of course France, germany or any other european country are not perfect at all and this is not the subject. I just found that the symbolism of a black bi racial president will be great. Of course only politic is important, but Obamas can take advantage of it's symbolism, especially for foreign politic.
Obama as president will certainly give a new image of USA around the world. If well used it could become a great card to play.
China has invested tons of money in the US ecnomy, and USA is the second economic partner of China. Whatever you like it or not, there is a big partnership between this two countries. And frankly in case of china who support who ? PS : nice to see you here fellowship
Phillipines seems to be a strange place when it goes for religion. 1) I am surprised that those behavior are not forbidden. In France you should go to jail if you hurt someone even with his own agreement. 2) The will to be hurted even in the name of Jesus (who never wanted to be crucified : it's the roman will) looks like to me like a mental disorder. I wonder if the way that the christian religion is teached in some parts of philippine is somewhat tweasted.
Thanks for the invivation Alcimedes
Hello Thegelding. It's nice to meet you again. I am not here very often now too (I am more concerned right now by photography, sound and piano. Merry christmass to you all.
I second that. I also add, that the health system in France is not perfect either. There is problems in US with the health system. These problems are differents than the one existing in France or UK (I do not know well the others systems). The comparison done by the Moore movie was interesting, but it's unfortunate that he bringed his agenda.
I wish you the fastest and the better recovery possible. Back surgery have the reputation to be very painful. Good luck
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