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The epilogue was certainly overkill, but seems to have a precise goal : close the Potter's serie of book. That's said, you will notice that 19 years is an interesting number. The french famous author Alexander Dumas (that JK Rowling certainly know) had write an interesting book : twenty years after, who count the story of the mousketeers, and at least the story of one of the mousqueteers's sons. Perhaps JK Rowling has this in mind. If there is an another book, the main...
I did not finished the book yet. Be finished tomorrow for sure. It will be hard to make more books on the subject. It will recquiere some years. Remember that JFK Rowling developped the plot of the books during 5 years. Then she start to write book after books. That's why there isn't any conradictions between various books : all was there since the beginning. It's very difficult to achieve this, if you build the plot of a serie, book after book
I don't have any problems with photoshop But as you mentionned , some software will alwayss recquiere state of the art machine. The problem with aperture that such machine does not already exist. Let's expect that Apple will fix this with the version 2.
distain ? I am waiting to upgrade my quad G5 for having real time effect machine with aperture. It's very difficult to do adjustements with aperture due to the erratic lag time. At the difference of photoshop, where you are obliged to wait until the task is done, aperture allow you to move the cursors while processing. It's almost impossible to work that way. Aperture is a nice software, but way too in advance than the hardware.
This story is totally ridiculous. Charge children for sexual conduct what a pity I suggest to prosecute the prosecutors of this story for destroying childhood.
You are right. There is probabily a majoration here. Some people just stayed at home, curing themselves without any help. But we should not espect miracles here. Spline model : absolutely, we can control everything, and we don't know everything. We don't know when there will be a major pandemia, and it's not a reason to seat back and wait for the end of the world.
I think it's important to stop this pandemic at it's birth wherever it will arrive.
I had a very very bad night after an official medecine conference sponsorised by the health ministery last evening. Basically, they told us, that in the next four years, the virus of the bird flu will mutate and will give a huge pandemia like the one we faced with the spanish flu who killed 50-100 millions people. This pandemia will not be based upon the H5N1 variant, but the US governement already buyed plenty of H5N1 vaccinations. Most occidental countries...
Of course you are right, if Wolfwotitz was more appreciated, this story would have been hidden. But the point, is this story is symptomatic of the way wolfowitz managed the bank : serving his own interest. I have no doubt that the US admin will find a better guy for the job.
I doubt that europeans will lead the world bank. And franckly Wolfowitz is a casting error. There is a unofficial agreement, that said, that you don't nominate someone against the advice of the others participants. Bush nominated Wolfowitz against the will of europeans, and they were really pissed. In general, this kind of nomination is a question of consensus. Bush, after firing Woflwowitz of his administration, nomitated to this job, just because he was is friend.
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