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You are very silly, but you are right BTW, I always buy a "family" license for 5 computers.
I just recieved an email from Apple saying that my order was on the way. It's odd but the email said that the arrival is scheduled for the 10/22, but the Apple Store said the 11/13. It seems that there is some serious bugs here No leopard for me
That's might be the explanation for my mac book pro delay
I wouln't be disapointed if it was the case, but I have some doubts Time will tell, but it's good to speculate
I ordered the 9/28 in the Apple store several products including : - a 750 MB iomega firewire HD - office 2004 - a bluetooth mouse and a 17 inch CTO PBook pro (4GB, HD screen, 7200 rpm) Originally this order was supposed to be shipped between the 10/4 and the 8/10. Today it's say that it will ship the 11/5. Have you any explanation for this sudden delay ? Leopard, the screen, the HD, whatever ?
Yes Aperture version 2 has to come. What I want the most : - a good noise reduction module. The current one (especially the derawtisation one) is a joke. - some kind of historic - geometrical and vignetting module - more speed (dramatically, especially in RAW)
I have currently a quad G5 with a radeon X1900, 4GB, 2 HD and a 30 inc LCD Dell. Aperture is still slow when applying more than one filter. Does people hare experienced a real improve in term of speed by migrating from G5 to the lattest Intel mac ? If the improvement is real, I will consider an upgrade. Otherwise I'll keep my quad G5 Thanks in advance for your input
Since the omerta about dope in cyclism has fallen, it become more and more obvious, that the problem is huge. The last Tour de France have reached a level of pathetism beyond words (I do not look it anymore). I think that it would be a very bad idea for Apple to sponsorship such a team. May be an Idope team would be funny
There are not entirely child book. I will say that the books follow an evolution, and become less and less childish, like the heroes (Harry, hermione and ron). This is especially the case for the movies. some young kids loved the first two episodes, had a problem by the 3 and where litteraly scared by the fourth. What is very childish in the book, is the Dudleys. These characters where created for kids : it's a kind of caricature. It's the same for Dolores Umbridge. I...
At the end of book 6, I was wondering if Snape betrayed or not, and my feelings was that it was not the case. At the beginning of book 7 the deat of mad eye destroyed this hope, but JK Rowling gived a small clue in her book. The Hogwarth's students where not so much punished for their rebellion at the contrary of the two new teachers. Snape, was definitively one of the most fascinating character of the serie (much more interesting that Voldemort, that is just pure hate)
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