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Am I the only one here who feels a bit disturbed that a device I bought less than a year ago is no considered to be obsolete technology. 1 YEAR !
Why launch somewhere else when ppl have to wait a month in markets it allegedly launched ? Create even more backorders ? Ppl in my local Apple retailer laugh at me when i ask them of availability
Can you try seeing this with a NON-US centric perspective ? I am elated that it works for (most) of the States of the Union, really am. But for most other states Apple Maps is a MAJOR step back. Some of the map data is soooo outdated it screams abuse. Berlin for instance has a new central railway station since (wait for it) 2006, but Apple maps still addresses it as the OLD railway station that used to be there.   GM has transit for Brussels and Paris AM does not....
Who signed off this crappy piece of software in the first place ? From the universal bashing (even Mossberg !) this app was not RTM or even near RTM. Beta for the US maybe but 1st iteration of the rest of the world... I am so glad I did not update my iPad2 yet, which I will only do once Google Maps is out as a stand-alone app. But some senior VP heads should roll at Apple for this
my iPhone 3G is trembling in my pocket :-)
You could have said Cavan ;-), at least give them a fighting chance. Or as Belgium is concerned Leuven. But no one has posted anything yet, so either the thread is dead or I am right.   But fact is that not even Bing Maps does have Steetside for Belgium (or transit). Apple may very well leverage map data from Navteq (Nokia), Tele Atlas (TomTom) and OSM, so on the 2D aspect I expect them to do great things. But -as ever- their 'superior' product that will blow us out of...
Could someone please post a flyover of (say) Brussels, Belgium please
I wonder how good this is going to be OUTSIDE the US. as GSV does exists for quite a lot of cities and countries and wherever I went, I found it very very useful....
They are not that bad. I have an xperia mini next to a fleet of Apple products and when roaming abroad it's always the xperia who gets the foreign sim, for the very simple reason that tethering has never been an issue and google maps is just fine whereever you go.
Skype is the Apple of video calls : it just works. I for once have never ever used FT on my iPad 3G but Skyped quite a lot, even over 3G networks. Sure the video quality is not as good as what you get from FT (yes I did test it). But as I want my vcs to work, I take the workhorse that gets the job done. Skype
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