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Mods! He's flaming!
Oh I see. So if I say what I don't mean it doesn't mean that I don't mean what I do say. But does that mean I mean it or not? Time to put Jony Ive in charge of the English language I reckon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcHKm0cm-jI
I think iWeb is a missed opportunity too. It had (has?) the potential to be a standard, a perfect fit in the iLife suite and with the potential to develop into a pro version. What better way to push the HTML5 standard than to produce a classy Apple app that gets the masses using it? Generally speaking, it seems to me that the software side at Apple doesn't get the love it once did, whether Jony at the helm of HIG improves the situation time will tell.   On...
No! It is 'free rein' as in the reins of a horse, letting the horse run, not the reign of kings. You are correct with 'lose' and 'loose' however, although there's only about three people left in the world who seem to know it. There's no place in the English language for 'off of' either, but try telling the internet that.   Regarding the Surface: seven hours battery life for the ARM version suggests that it's going to be pretty horrible on the Atom version.
Well that didn't take long - 16.01 is now available with the hole plugged.   @TallestSkil - FF is my default browser, with the add-ons I find it to be super functional as a browser. Yeah the numbering system is a bit lame, they changed it so there is a new version number every month or so.  
Just in case you have recently updated to FF16 you are advised to downgrade to FF15.1 due to a serious security flaw.        Full story here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19909106
Perhaps, in the interests of equity, the rights conferred to the copyright holders by statute should be mirrored for the licensee. Namely, the licence is good for the licensee's life plus seventy years.
In the financial services industry it is often the case with a company that in one part of their building there is a team advising outside businesses. They will be intimately aware of their internal financial circumstances, and of any potential acquisitions, indeed they may well be recommending such a move. In another part of the same building, other employees of the same financial services company will be broking shares and earning commissions on such. There will be...
  I heard a story about a major US airline. Some new bean-counter was appointed, and he discovered that the salad part of in-flight meals contained two olives. He calculated that reducing that to one olive per salad would save the multi-billion dollar company $85,000 a year, so it was done. Passengers? Phah! Oscar Wilde got it right with his definition of a cynic as "Someone who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing".
  Well we did see a charlied up Ballmer in the Monkey Boy sessions. That was a hoot.
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