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When Browett was appointed there was a flood of comments here from people in the UK warning about the disaster that Dixons was as a customer experience. There was widespread astonishment that Apple, having built a huge, highly popular and very profitable chain using a philosophy diametrically opposed to the 'slash and burn quick boost in profits followed by long-term decline' strategy utilised by this chancer should employ him. Big mistake, and here we see the result.
Full disclosure: Adblocker, Ghostery and Better Privacy maintain my internet privacy settings.
I opened a YouTube account years ago, before Google purchased them, just so I could make an occasional comment. Then a while back I was presented with this risible canard - the chances of me losing or forgetting my settings are zero - so I have always sought out the very small font option to bypass this 'security' measure. It occurred  to me that your mobile phone is a tracking device - give Google your number and they will know where you are at all times. This is not a...
  They must be trying to come up with a cover for the iPad that includes a keyboard.
  Would you mind saying that again? I can't understand a word you're saying. It must be your funny accent.
  That's not the right comparison though. Apple is not an insurance company, they make consumer products which should work. If they don't work, it is their responsibility to redress their failing. If they make profit on selling additional warranty, there is a potential conflict of interest in that people will only purchase it if they believe there is a good chance the product will fail, otherwise why incur the extra expense. Apple will have a very good idea of the...
Question: Does Apple make a profit on Applecare? If they do, I would question the ethics of it. It would be fair enough for the scheme to cover its costs, but it should be a service to customers rather than a source of profit.
Celebrity sex, political smear, dinosaur sex. Yep, that's a News Corp publication all right.
I didn't think that Americans did irony?
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