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Like the time there was that incident by the entrance to the former Microsoft CEO's house, or Gatesgategate as it was known.
I read somewhere that Microsoft has 3,100 PhDs working for them. What an extraordinary waste of talent.
I think 10.7 will be the last iteration of OSX, and the last iteration of the desktop paradigm. iOS has already dispensed with it, and OSXI (or whatever they call it) will be the 'revolutionary', possibly 3-D interface where the cloud will be the equivalent of another volume where your music library etc. will be stored.
The plot thickens...
There is a simple solution here for Apple, in the spirit of the free bumper episode. All they have to do is give a free sombrero to all iPad buyers.
Just been to the UK store and the 'Buy Now' button takes you to an iMac information page - there doesn't appear to be a page where you can actually make a purchase. Rather sloppy rollout I'd say.
Could be. There is already an open source WYSIWYG ebook editor for Macs called Sigil if not!
I think that middle line is what's known in the (rough) trade as a Freudian slip!
Oh come on, there's enough hype in the world already. On the other hand you can never have enough paint! Although that's probably not true either...
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