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What has been missing since day one of the iLife suite? The original killer app on the Mac platform? iPaint!
There is a very disturbing aspect to this. The data collected and collated by Google (and others) will be (by which I mean is now) freely accessed by the various national security states. Run a few algorithms through that and you will have a highly effective psycho-symmetric profiling system of every internet user i.e. everyone. Privacy is subversion (if you're doing nothing wrong what is there to worry about?) and subversion will not be tolerated.
I can certainly understand offline storage that you can access from any device anywhere on the network, but online databases already exist, there are some I access every day, but you don't need an app for that other than a browser. Perhaps the thinking is that you would just need a very cheap dumb terminal in your pocket as opposed to a $600 version of a 1990 supercomputer!
I still can't get my head round the idea of web apps. Phones/pads will continue to increase in computational power, along with increased energy efficiencies and battery life. Why wouldn't you want to be doing your processing on your own device rather than sending it off to a server somewhere to do it instead? This would be entirely dependant on the network being up, or available where you happen to be, and would be an act of faith if the data was sensitive that its...
You make a valid point, and it highlights a fascinating paradox. In what is one the fastest moving commercial areas - IT - one of the biggest reasons behind Microsoft maintaining its predominance in the OS market is inertia. (The other main reason is the razor thin margin cost of a bog standard commodity box compared to a Mini, but as that difference is about the cost of one IT call-out fee that obstacle could be marketed away.) Apple are clearly creeping towards the...
Your figures are slightly off, but you do have a point. I have just done the calculation for where I'm from (UK) and where I am (Portugal) using today's rates. This is for the basic model Mini, which Apple sells for $699 in the US: UK: $699 = £461.29 + VAT @ 17.5% = £552.02. UK price = £649. Difference = +£96.98 = 17.57% Portugal: $699 = €638.64 + IVA @21% = €766.37. Portugal price = €806. Difference = +€39.63 = 5.17% So the UK does pay a significant premium, which is all...
Me too. That's what (in OSX) Command-Option-Control-8 is for!
It's disappointing the survey doesn't report the dribs and drabs of the browser world. The last one of these I saw, a few months ago, showed that 0.7% were still using Netscape! The mind boggles...
...and on the BBC site Apple boss Steve Jobs explains ban on Flash
Yes, but didn't Gizmodo recently appear on an edition of COPS... As if to emphasise your first point, here's today's tech feel good story on the BBC site...the_99yearold_ipad_user
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