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I agree, it's a worry. Especially as there is no Flash installed, as that wonderful piece of finely crafted software leaves behind browser preference ignoring permanent Local Shared Objects aka 'Flash Cookies'. If you are using FireFox the add-on "Better Privacy" deals with them for you. It cleaned out 180 of the little critters first time I ran it.
I don't know what all the fuss is about. Available from all good cleaning suppliers.
You know, there is a fundamental principle here. Whatever the authenticity of the story, if you find something that someone else has lost, surely you try to return it to them or hand it in to the police, don't you? If it is a scarf or something similarly trivial and difficult to return that's been left on a train that's different, but an expensive device that will almost certainly contain important personal data on it? The guy that 'picked it up' (or was that picked it out...
Stuff, even important stuff, does get lost or stolen. Remember this from January 2008?http://www.zdnet.co.uk/news/security...tops-39292312/ That's what you call "Oops!" with a capital 'O'!
By my (rough) calculation we are paying a slight premium in the UK at present, but to be fair to Apple, a couple of years back there was something like a 10-12% discount paying in Sterling. It is closely related to exchange rate obviously, but to my knowledge Apple has never adjusted overseas prices outside of updates. Perhaps it would be better if they did when exchange rates move significantly between updates, I would have thought the administrative cost of that would be...
You do know that the US price is exclusive of sales tax, whereas the European price is inclusive. In Finland that's 22% right?
We do the same thing to the Americans with our footballers!
Surely I'm not the only one who is both amused and bemused by the stance taken both by Adobe and their advocates? That with Flash installed on "96% of computers" (cf Adobe) and covering '90% of the web' (cf various advocates) they are accusing Apple of monopolistic practises? Adobe has effectively installed their products as de-facto standards in more than one sphere, therefore are by definition a quasi-monopoly, whereas Apple are competing in a sea of vigorous...
That's because everyone goes home from the first party to have a wash and change their clothes. By the time they get back, the second party has already finished and the third party is underway. It's obvious when you think about it.
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