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re re-mastering: with classical music there are any number of versions of the great works available, because each individual conductor brings his own interpretation to the score. A lot of the great albums of the 60s and later were rushed out by the labels, intent solely on getting 'product' into the stores, with no artistic consideration given. So I don't see why musicians shouldn't return to their old work and produce something closer to their original artistic vision....
A couple of people here are wondering about the usefulness of middle click. I've had my clickable scroll-wheel set to double-click for years now - I'm amazed more users don't do the same. A single press with the middle finger to perform such a frequent task is so useful I really wouldn't want to use a mouse without that facility now.
"..a whimper GPU..." Is that a technical term? A GPU that does nothing but let out pathetic little moans?
Even if you knew nothing about the history or the products, you would only have to look at the Microsoft logo and the Apple logo to know which one is the quality company.
The problem with the term 'evolutionary' is that it is not quantified. Evolution does not take place in evenly spaced steps, and IMO the new iMac is a big step forward. The fact that Apple has used (probably been compelled to use by Intel's update cycle) desktop CPUs is significant. They have had to design a new cooling system to accommodate it, and and so will presumably stick with the desktop version for future iterations. The consequent saving can be used on other...
0.81% still using Netscape!
There is something else they could do. We know that the 'below the hood' benefits of Snow Leopard are a bit arcane for the wider consumer market, but one key differentiation between the Apple and Windows OS offerings is the iLife suite. iLife 10 ladies and gentlemen, completely re-written to take full advantage of GCD and OpenCL. It would make a helluva demo for his Jobsness, and would be a killer selling point for the commercials.
We share a birthday! Happy birthday for tomorrow, and even though I go up a year, I will still be eleven behind you! It all gets better as you get older I reckon.
I think Apple legal might want to have a word about this. The first sentence of the BBC piece should read 'Users of the new Apple operating system Snow Leopard are allegedly experiencing massive data losses when logging into their machines under a guest account...' After all, this is a potentially commercially damaging allegation from a few anonymous internet posters, the BBC should not be reporting it as 'fact' until such time as it is proved to be one.
I prefer the possibly apocryphal version that it is a tribute to Dr Alan Turing. He could be said to be the father of the modern computer, certainly the first 'software' designer. It was his mathematical genius that produced Colossus, the mechanical/electronic hybrid computer based at Bletchley Park during in World War 2. It broke the German Enigma code, and was one of the single most significant factors in the Allied victory. He was also homosexual, and in post-war...
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