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I find it difficult to understand how such a huge corporation can be so badly run. Before they started spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this project there was a fundamental question they had to address. They are a software producer, providing the mobile OS that is licensed by a number of phone manufacturers to make their phones work. So far so good. Along comes Apple, a hardware company that produces software to make their devices work, who introduce an...
What a delightful turn of phrase! Actually made me lol! It is though isn't it? A Mac is a happy thing.
Not forgetting the other significant cost - distribution. Think of all those vans going to all those different outlets. A few years ago I produced a small circulation magazine and the distribution cost (which included the retailers cut) was 50% of cover price. A service as mooted here would be a boon for small specialist publications as well as the big boys.
I think you are underestimating the deviousness of the uber-competitive Scrabble player - it's a war goddammit! Someone will come up with a hack - three taps to show you all possible words for your letters; double two-finger tap to show you all your opponents letters... a whole new cottage industry could be born - Scrabble cheat software!
I only found out about these 'super-cookies' recently and share your opinion on them. If you use FireFox there is an add-on called BetterPrivacy which deletes them. First time I ran the browser with it installed, it deleted 450 of them!
No I'm not going to bite! The point I was trying to make was that I see this as a major opportunity for iWork to break out of its fairly niche status currently. With a ten-inch screen people will be looking to be able to write more than emails and forum posts. Not novel writing, but letters, work documents etc. Therefore they will need an app to do that, so it would make sense for Apple to have a tablet-ready version of iWork to meet that need. If they wanted to be...
Assuming this is going to happen... a tablet optimised version of iWork could be the killer app. If the device gets traction and becomes popular, how would MS respond? Try to produce a tablet version of Office? If they do, it would be an additional plus point for a direct tablet competitor's product, if they don't many people would discover that a lean, stripped down and elegant WP app is all they need for nearly all their day-to-day office-type stuff. A bit of a rock and...
I feel your shame bro, because I too (shudder) use one. Perhaps we could set up a group - Microsoft Mouse Users Anonymous, and meet in church halls on Thursday evenings to try and come to terms with life as a group. My excuse by the way, is that I am helping to keep Steve Ballmer in a job, and thus off the streets where he would undoubtedly scare a lot of old ladies and small dogs.
Hopefully they will wipe Steve Jobs' fingerprints off before shipping as greasy finger marks would not be a very compelling consumer experience.
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