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It will certainly be a bold move to try and introduce a genuinely different input method. Apart from overcoming the much discussed practicalities, the first keyboard appeared, what, 120 years ago? Overcoming the cultural mindset is as big an issue I'd say. Still, if anyone can pull it off, Apple are probably the people to do it.
It would be nice if the whole desktop line got a bit of loving, it's been a while. Apple would have to be careful about the timing of any announcement event though. On the 22nd all the sweet old ladies, cuddly nerds, non-threatening black professionals and discreetly sexy milfs will be hanging out in each other's kitchens playing with balloons and Windows 7.
I thought the 'rounding error' was Ballmer's big fat butt bouncing round the stage while he was doing the monkey dance. As a point of reference, IIRC the '91% of the $1,000 market' statistic only applied to sales through brick and mortar stores, and did not include online sales, so that caveat needs to be added.
Just a quick point: It should read 'The quick brown fox jumps (not jumped) over the lazy dog' otherwise there is no 's'. Anyway, these type of articles are the Ai ones I enjoy the most. Ones that explain stuff.
"Chief Experience Officer"? Weird.
I'm disappointed that the comments to this series have, for the most part, degenerated into back and forth slanging with a very defensive tone from the Dilger defenders. My view is that this has been a very weak series of articles. They bear no comparison to the excellent "Road to Leopard' series previously. I thought they were superb - comprehensive, detailed, with a lot of technical information explained in a way that a non-techy could understand and learn from. They...
You have to admire Apple's supreme marketing acumen. What a frenzy of expectation is abroad for a device that no-one knows for sure even exists, and if it does exist, no-one knows what it will do! They are truly the Zen masters of hype - to make the loudest noise, remain silent.
The idea of controls on the back is interesting though. Could that be a feature of the iTablet?
I think they should just call it the "Bar" and sell booze. That way your Windows problem will just go away (eventually).
Surely you mean discreetly?
New Posts  All Forums: