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And the Microsoft line; "Then I guess she had to crash..."
Here is an article in Today's Guardian (UK national newspaper) some of you may find interesting: What's driving Steve Jobs?
This could be great! Instead of stupid old mouse and keyboard.... just get up and dance!
No offence intended, but you did write 140.000,000 million which is 140 trillion! Yes it was an intended funny, although obviously not a very successful one...
Crikey! Presumably they used Time Machine!
In the early 90s I was running a hostel when a new raft of Health and Safety regulations came in. My favourite was the one where a man had to come and attach a small sign on the wall above every hot tap (faucet to our American friends) in every bathroom (and there were quite a few). The sign, written in red to emphasise the danger, read: Warning! Water from this tap may be hot!
This seems about right. I'm older, poorer and not very productive at work and I haven't got one!
Do we actually know that next up is 10.7? I know Apple don't do roadmaps, and I may have missed a reference somewhere, but is it not possible that OSX will end with 10.6? Isn't part of the idea with SL that it lays the foundations for the multi-core & GPGPU future? The end of the 2-D desktop paradigm and the onset of a 3-D virtual workspace?
I would have thought it was obvious why their marketing department came up with the 'Windows 7' moniker. They knew it would be coming out soon after 10.6, and quite some time before 10.7. This suggests, on a subliminal level, that their operating system is one step ahead of Apple's.
Very impressive all round. Apple are such a deft, coherent and classy company it is hard not to be impressed I'd say. What a contrast with that malodorous dinosaur lumbering round up the coast, loudly breaking wind as they brutishly try to stamp on anything that moves.
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