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That's because, unlike Lauren, we're all cool don't ya know! I too have read through all 13 pages (d'oh!) and have learned two things 1) Firewire is absolute junk 2) BMWs are unreliable! So, not a complete waste of time after all!
Very nicely put. The best marketing Macs ever had was the iPod. In a mature market that 'simple tasks done simply' philosophy wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing case swept the board. The iPod halo effect has been huge for Apple. For those in this thread that like to compare computers by drawing up lists of various components, consider Microsoft's go at making an mp3 player. I saw a teardown of a Zune that showed it was virtually identical, component for component, with...
This reminds me of the old feminist joke: "Why is Windows better than a man? Because Windows is guaranteed to go down on you at least once a day!"
I managed to last 56 seconds into the Songsmith ad, but then I am a fan of the horror genre.
On the ID line-up image, I take it that is the Zune 3.0 next to the shuffle? It's good to see Redmond's designers are finally getting their act together!
Lol! Also you could hardly get away with telling your boss you were stuck in traffic if he could see people walking round in the pub behind you!
This would be a useful feature for us old fogeys to be able to communicate with under-16s. There would have to be a command-alt-control-8 equivalent, whereby you type in the word correctly, and it would be translated into a form readable by the text generation For example type in Great! See you tonight! and it would automatically translate into gr8 c u tnt. Ah language is a wonderful thing indeed!
Oh dear, TeckStud isn't going to like this thread. \
And that sir, is impassable!
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