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Quick! Somebody call a policeman! Retailers are being killed... Oh hang on, I get it now, you meant it figuratively, not literally. Thank God for that.
No apology necessary for such a well-written and intelligent post. It is encouraging that these pages still contain such useful contributions, despite the increasing number of OldWhiners and trolls that seem to have discovered AI, and the resultant tedium all round.
It's 'shedload' this side of the pond (perhaps butts are bigger over there !)
I agree. Most here so far have assumed that Apple will now start to aggressively sue other companies for patent violation, without considering that this may well be primarily a defensive move. By securing patents for virtually everything that is happening on the iPhone it precludes the possibility of anyone else suing Apple over it.
Someone's been eating spaghetti for breakfast! Round my way we would say 'turn that bloody racket down!"
Elvis did a song "in the Gecko' years back.
Seconded. A few weeks ago the phrase "...the Cupertino Calf.-based phone maker..." annoyed me so much I stayed away for a few days!
I wonder what percentage of R&D is being spent on 10.7?
Hi! I'm a er, Trojan... That's the thing about walls, they do have their uses. Like stopping the roof falling on your head and keeping burglars out. Trojan virus steals bank info
Right. And what word isn't there? Begins with a 'V'...
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