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No. From the article: "Any computer left exposed and unpatched against the attack, regardless of operating system, can have its DNS cache "poisoned," tricking the computer into visiting a malicious website even when the user chooses to visit what would normally be a legitimate address."Are you saying that this flaw cannot affect my normal web-surfing?Edit: I just read elsewhere that this flaw is only exploitable on servers - the AI article did not make this clear. In light...
What? A couple of months ago there was a QuickTime update for us - but that was to make us ITS compatible. So Apple are happy to update us to try and make a bit more profit from their 10.3 customer base, but they are not prepared to secure that same system? Not good. I accept that this is a 5 year old system, but surely they have a moral (even legal?) responsibility to maintain the very minimal level of support required to keep their customers safe? A few pennies from...
Does this flaw apply to Panther? Or has Apple officially abandoned us 10.3.9 ers?
I get the feeling that the Mojave experiment (huh?) site is going to get more hits from Appleheads going for a snigger than any potential Vista revivalists. What is it with Microsoft? They have so many resources, all the expertise of the US PR industry at their disposal yet they keep getting things so horrendously wrong. I remember the Zune launch. Bill Gates, wearing a dull brown anorak and a weak sickly smile holding up that brown thing under a depressing low slate-grey...
A tea maker would be nice.
This comes close:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_geocentrism
So the campaign message is 'we know it didn't work very well, but now it works better'. Uh-huh. Incidentally the ship in the picture is a stylised clipper, a type of ship that did not appear until the 19th c. I'm sure I don't need to remind our American friends what Columbus' ship the Santa Maria looked like: [IMG][/IMG] I think that looks a bit more Vista like somehow!
When it comes to these rabid speculation threads, AI is the best IMHO, because of the informed and well argued posts by clearly knowledgeable posters, so thank you all for that. Taking my turn off the diving board, I think the PASemi acquisition is key here. IIRC, before the Intel switch, Apple designed and produced their own logic boards, but after the switch it made sense to take them off-the-shelf from Intel. This would have given a clear cost advantage, but on the...
Ah that's more like it! A good old-fashioned AI thread that is one unrequited Microsoft bash! It's been a hoot folks! Fantastic link Nagromme, thanks for that! While perusing YT I think I may have found a way to save Redmond a few hundred million dollars - just do the ads in-house! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGvHN...eature=related
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