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21% IVA (sales tax) here in sunny Portugal btw.
'Butchering' may be a bit melodramatic, but one Americanism that I do not understand is the dropping of essential prepositions. I hope it's not just laziness, but it can lead to ambiguity. For example 'I'm going to write my Congressman'. Go on then, write 'my Congressman', it's only two words! Whereas 'I'm gong to write to my Congressman' does communicate what you actually intend to do. As regards the article: the very concept of a "well-known line waiter" indicates it...
No, Orly is in France.
I take particular offence when I have just written a superb piece of prose only to find a green squiggle appearing under it. Grammar check tells me that Bill Gates thinks my 'sentence is too long'! The nerve! Harumph!
'Dominant' or preferably 'predominant' not "dominate" in the first line surely.
I suspect that is what I will end up doing, but the only reason for getting a second monitor (with cost implications) is because there is not that tick box on the order form - glossy or matte. So I, the customer, have to adjust what I do to suit the wishes of the company, which isn't how it's supposed to work really is it?That would be an option, except I live in the south of Portugal, where the Apple presence is very minimal. There is one reseller in my province, but it...
There is so much to admire about Apple, and watching the Jobs Plan for World Domination unfold is fascinating as an intellectual exercise if nothing else. However, they are ruthless at times. They know their market extremely well, and their desktop range shows this. The minis for entry level or second computer, the iMac for consumers and the pro range for professionals, and as the large majority of their customers fit into one of those broad categories it works well for...
This article is an example of what AppleInsider does best - explaining technical matters in a way that non-techy people such as myself can understand. Good stuff! @Mr H Much as I respect your effort, I'm not sure your sig is quite right. 'It has' becomes the possessive pronoun spelt 'its' i.e 'belonging to it' doesn't it? In which case, you're going to have to change your sig there, otherwise they're going to get it wrong in their posts aren't they?
Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes not around the eyes, look into my eyes... you're under. You will like the latest build of 10.5.2, there are no bugs in it at all and Safari is definitely snappier. 3,2,1 you're back in the room. Now, you were saying...?
Are you by chance the only Mac user in your village?
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