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Are you sure? As Woody Allen once pointed out: "Eternity is a very, very long time. Especially towards the end..."
So what kind of groovy new things can we expect to see in 10.6 and 10.7? Presumably 10.6 will have full implementation of RI, and ZFS (if ready) as default, how about a new (non-cocoa) Finder? Any other ideas? Peering even further into the crystal ball what about 10.7? Full tea-making facilities (finally!)? Holographic pixies?
Gosh you are a witty bugger aren't you! Yes it's just a 14.4% Apple UK supplement this time round, but please, stop, you're cracking me up. Really. .
Ah yes but by then you will need your 320 TB HDD to store all your holographic movies!
Excellent review, thank you. I've long felt that a) Preview was an underdeveloped app, b) a paint programme was an obvious gap in the iLife suite and c) Photoshop needs a kick up the butt, so this all looks very promising. Can Preview 4.0 (or any other app for that matter) batch rotate images? Over half of the pix I take are in portrait mode, so turning them one-by-one in Preview 2.1 is rather tedious. \ Looks like my iMac G4 800 (bless 'er little cotton socks) is...
Gabba Gabba Hey!
Thank God that's over. I thought I had tinnitus for a while there.
Uh-huh. So it's a) one metre thick or b) one millimetre thick or c) just thick
I can (half) recommend the contextual menu extra CalculateSizeCM:http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/19014 which works perfectly and I find invaluable, but it appears to have stopped at 10.3 and is PPC only...\
@Abster2core Yes, but the point is not was has happened, but how they go on from here. Up until a few years ago Apple just had computer hardware and computer software to innovate and develop. Now they have iPod hardware and software, and iPhone hardware and software. They have already admitted that the latter has caused 10.5 to be delayed, and as I point out on my original post, this in turn has led to a bottleneck delaying other products, iLife certainly and the iMac...
New Posts  All Forums: