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It's a question of balance isn't it? A number of years ago I was working in a hostel, which had over twenty bathrooms. Each one had a hand basin with two taps, the left hand one had a red flash on top with the letter 'H' embossed on it, and the right-hand one a blue flash with the letter 'C' on it. One morning a man in overalls arrived, and he spent the day affixing a sign to the splash-board behind each hot tap. The sign read "Warning! The water from this tap might be...
Very impressive. Once they get it down to just the five panes their work will be done. Presumably things are different in the US, but if someone erected such a structure in the UK the 'health and safety' fascists would be down in an instant demanding it be covered in stickers with the legend: "Warning! Glass!"
I know if you spend time on the internet it may seem that way, but I think there are still more than a hundred people that can read. The number is dwindling fast though...
My personal view is that Steve Jobs' greatest legacy to the world is not the technology he oversaw the birth of, because although it had an impact on millions of people, that impact in itself was not so important. Had there been no Apple, there would still have been personal computers, and digital music players and so on. I think his greatest achievement, and the one that set him apart, was that the aesthetic was central to everything he set out to do, and achieve. His...
Astro-turfing has become more sophisticated, more like astro-landscape gardening these days. I wonder how long before the original post is reposted on a Windows/Android forum as proof of Macs' vulnerability? 'Even posters on rabid Apple fan site AppleInsider are complaining...' etc etc.
I was wondering this the other day. I realise it is a completely different technology, but hard drives have increased in size/reduced in price per GB on a regular step-by-step basis, but SSDs barely seem to move. 256 GB SSDs have been out for several years now, but after an initial price fall-off, they still remain very expensive. Is there some sort of quiet cartel operating here?
I hardly ever drill down through Finder these days, I do nearly all of my file placement/retrieval using Spotlight. As for Desktop clutter... The Lazy Person's guide to an Uncluttered Desktop. 1) Create a folder on the desktop and call it 'Tidy' or somesuch. 2) Put everything else in it. Bingo! Uncluttered Desktop!
Rather unfortunate choice of acronym there as it also stands for narcissistic personality disorder.
I blame the hills.
I use FireFox. I started using it a few years back when Safari couldn't access my online banking service, and found the add-ons gave a big advantage over Safari. Since Apple opened it up to extensions they are slowly porting over (I noticed a Ghostery extension is now available) so I may switch back eventually, but for now I'm happy with FF.
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