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Reading through this quickly I tend to agree with you - it does seem to be more an innovative utilisation of an existing technology rather than a new invention per se. However, I'm sure a lot of patent applications are defensive in nature. If Apple are granted a patent for it - fine. But if not they will know it is not patentable, thus potentially saving them yet another trip up the road to that wretched court in East Texas.
There is an obvious danger here if Apple pursue this strategy too aggressively. A big part of their brand and focus on 'user experience' has been the high quality threshold of their hardware. Of course there are failures, that's inevitable, but relatively not many people who buy an Apple gizmo have to return it because of component failure. If a supplier is pushed to the limit, there will be a temptation born of necessity to cut a few corners and risk increased failure...
Perhaps you should send some flowers or chocolates or something.
Well obviously it would be Zune flavour \
Tectonic humour makes me quake with laughter.
Aren't competitors going to find it difficult to match the Air's lightness/thinness/strength ratio without the Unibody process?
Those Flash files being Local_Shared_Objects. Frankly, I don't know how Adobe get away with these. Your browser preference can be set to 'Accept no Cookies', but unbeknownst to you, unless you find a fairly obscure preference within the Flash player itself, these trackers will secrete themselves within your system folder, and they are (or at least can be) permanent. There is a Firefox add-on called 'Better Privacy' which will deal with these, and the first time I ran it...
OK, thanks. Perhaps Apple should employ a team of hackers and just bring the site down!
What I don't understand here is that this thing "...is downloaded automatically when a user visits a specially crafted web site." That web site must have a registered domain, whoever is doing this must be leaving their IP address when uploading it and so on. Can't the perpetrator therefore be easily traced? If not outright fraud, then surely it contravenes consumer legislation? Why isn't the site shut down and the perps prosecuted?
They will be locking the staff in to rehearse this routine!
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