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There are apps that I use very occasionally, some of which cost quite a bit (Photoshop plug-ins for example) that I can't justify spending on again just for a bit of playing around now and again. I wasn't quite sure what that picture was showing me. Are you suggesting have a 10.6 partition? That or install 10.6 on an external drive would work presumably.
Loose rhymes with goose, but lose rhymes with choose! The problem is that English is not phonetic and it seems to me that lose is spelt incorrectly more often than not in forums. Whaddya gonna do? Anyway, is there any indication yet that Rosetta will work in Lion? I am very reluctant to dump a number of small, occasional use PPC apps and will not upgrade until I buy a new machine if that is the case.
Stick a fork in it, it's done.
The few different spellings are a minor irritant, but there is one area of potential confusion. If you see the date notated thus: 4/5/11 what is it? For most of the world it is the fourth of May, but for Americans it is the fifth of April. You'd think these things would have been sorted by now.
Me too. A faux-3D element on the 2D desktop never made sense to me, particularly as I place the dock at the side where it doesn't get in the way. Fortunately a friendly developer feels the same way and has produced Mirage, a little freeware app that allows you to customise it away.
You can choose between blue and graphite in System Preferences appearance pane.
Here you go, Peter Oppenheimer rather than Tim Cook, from 21st July 2008:Apple plans mystery "product transition" before September's end
It doesn't have to be one or the other, it's more likely somewhere in the middle. Apple has traditionally worked on a margin of about 30% so there was plenty of room to drop that figure but still make a decent margin. Remember Tim Cook's comments on a conference call a couple of years ago when he warned (I'm paraphrasing) that 'margins would be reduced on some products'? I've said it here before, but Apple are brilliant strategists and they have executed the iPad exercise...
Presumably this will be for Lion's successor, but I bet Apple is working on a 3D desktop. Since the beginning the desktop has been consistent with the metaphor, but having a 'room' instead of a flat surface will present all kinds of interesting possibilities as well as challenges for their UI designers.
There is one issue with overseas pricing of Apple products, namely the price is fixed and rarely changes in the relatively lengthy gap between upgrades. However in that time currency rates can vary considerably. This isn't necessarily a disadvantage, I remember a few years back when sterling peaked at almost double the dollar and that reflected in the UK price, but when sterling's value fell the beneficial price remained for some time after. It does work the other way as...
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