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I bought mine soon after they came out and it was a true Trojan. I did have to replace the power supply after seven years of hard work, then last year the fluorescent panel went and regrettably it was not worth the cost of repair. I say regrettably, because I believe it was the most ergonomic design ever for a computer. Being able to adjust the screen height, angle and pitch with just the tip of a finger was a true piece of Jonny Ive genius.
Mind you we did give them Beckham, so that evens things up intellectual wise.
Excellent! It has a 'Tell a lie' button! Or is it a slider?
You do realise that nearly all US Presidents have been related to the British royal bloodline? And therefore by extension to all the European royal bloodlines as they all hail from the same shallow incestuous gene puddle. As to why these people are our monarchs, well that truly is the proverbial can of worms.
I hope they spell 'favourites' right on the British version. I have to say it looks pretty slick, although I find I navigate to files and folders almost exclusively using Spotlight these days.
I don't want to worry you, but I heard a rumour (from a trusted source natch) that there are more rumours currently in production in Taiwan as we speak!
Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen that page before, although it does only show the snippets revealed at the keynote. One thing that struck me was the need to swipe to use some of those features - will 10.7 be the first OSX iteration that you need a pad of some kind to utilise all of the features? re File systems. We know ZFS is dead for Apple, but I seem to remember them hiring File System engineers a while back. How about a new FS that works across both OSX and iOS?...
As long as there is still a keyboard/touchpad option for those of us who sometimes like to listen to music while using the computer... otherwise singing along could cause havoc!
If Apple release iPad 2 initially for the US only, won't that tank sales of iPad 1 in the rest of the world?
Ok thanks. As I suspected. Put me down for a big fat 'no' then!
New Posts  All Forums: