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re Google docs: could someone kindly explain to me what Google gets out of that arrangement? They provide access to and use of their web applications for no charge - is that right? So what's in it for them?
Yes. If only everyone was a free thinking non-poseur like you.
Every vid you've ever looked at on YouTube...and added to your favourites... Regarding your earlier point, the Ghostery add-on for FireFox blocks GoogleAnalytics, and yes they are poking around at just about every page I visit. Also BetterPrivacy which blocks Flash permanent cookies (which bypass your browser preferences and stores them elsewhere without your knowledge). When I first installed it I had nearly 550 of the little critters squatting on my hard drive without...
I use FireFox as my browser, with the add-ons AdBlock Plus, FlashBlock, Ghostery , BetterPrivacy and NoScript all running on top of OSX and therefore have no worries at this point.
Well there are plenty of reasons why the Sony purchase would not and could not happen, but just in a bit of speculative fun would they transition Sony computers to Mac OS?
As an aside, I watched the keynote live from the Apple site yesterday, and I must say the HTML5 video delivery was impressive. Running it full screen, the quality was excellent although it did partially pixelate momentarily a couple of times in some of the more dynamic iMovie clips they showed. Whatever other merits it may or may not have, there is absolutely no need for the Flash plug-in to show video any more.
Well a similar, if not identical concept worked flawlessly on the G4 iMac arm. Perhaps the balance issue could be addressed by putting the computer in the base, leaving just the lightweight screen to pivot up and down.
But you're making it hard for yourself. Your prices are too stiff.
That must be a typo. Surely it's a iBL-BKB76.
...and there is the issue of ITV being the name of a TV channel in the UK since the 1950s...
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