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That's a good idea. I guess I just wish the server software wasn't $500. Also, I think I realized through my post that I'm less interested in media serving as much as accessing user accounts remotely...which I assume is something you can do with OSX server...kind of like Windows server.
Glad to see companies paying a little more attention to data backup and media serving for Mac. That HP thing is ugly, but where's the Apple alternative with that level of expandability, functionality, etc.? Would love to see a small footprint, affordable Mac server targeted toward home-networks and small businesses (like the thousands of small design firms that are almost all Mac). Something like a Mac Mini with server OS pre-installed and a larger (2tb +) raid setup....
This commercial completely misses the huge selling point of the Mac ads...Irony. There's none and there won't be any unless they make fun of their own (MS Windows) shortcomings...which wouldn't be smart either. I do think they're a bit entertaining. I never really thought of Gates as a gerk or anything, but the ad makes me feel like he might be an OK guy. I still would never purposely buy or use his products, except Xbox. Overall I give it a big whateva. These won't have...
Yawn... \
As a professional, mobileme/.mac or whatever has never been very interesting to me. It's sort of acted as a half-ass, stop-gap solution for my small office to share calendars and contacts...but the push email, etc. is useless unless you want to do business communication with a joeblow@mac.com email address...which I don't know anyone who would. I guess it's an almost interesting option for personal users, though I don't really see why with all of the free, online solutions...
Tax dollars at work!
whatever...i'm just glad they released a software update and made my iphone less laggy. good job apple, would have taken micro$oft a year and they probably would have added more bugs than they fixed.
New software is sluggish and delays a lot between functions...at least on original iPhone...though I've heard it's so on 3G as well. Hope they fix it soon. The added functions aren't worth the ass dragging.
I think Quark should throw in the towel. Most designers I know, serious designers, have moved over to InDesign. Quark had a monopoly for a long tim, rested on their laurels and sucked too hard.
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