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No news on 4G displays?
Brazil, ok, I guess Canada wtf? There are more people in Mexico CIty then the whole country Carlos Slim has two beautiful new, Apple style, malls in Mexico City We NEED an Apple Store! Come on Apple
Wall Street continues to be clueless about AAPL.
"The addition of Sprint would make Apple's hot-selling handset available on the three largest carriers in the U.S. That would only leave out T-Mobile among the "big four," though AT&T hopes to acquire T-Mobile with regulatory approval." Now that you can buy an unlocked Iphone, T-Mobile should just offer to reimburse a few hundred bucks if you sign a 2 or 3 year contract. Why do they need to directly sell the iPhone? Seems like a pretty simple and effective work-around...
"For instance, the removal of Rosetta, which allows pre-Intel software to run on newer Macs, may affect some users, especially those who rely on Quicken software." Screw Quicken. They obviously don't care about Mac Users. I have used it virtually since ver 1 but, switched to my bank's online bill pay which is free and works incredibly well. Should have canned Quicken long ago.
It was stupid then. Before FaceTime and the new Skype that is. Can you guess whether or not ipad2 will have one that actually does something? Taking photos with an iPad or a Xoom is still stupid.
AirPlay is the killer app that has the potential to make ATV a huge success. It's cheap, easy and works incredibly well from a wide range of devices. As it's use is expanded and the masses figure out the magic, sales will surge. I wouldn't consider a home theater set up without one.
Mexico went off DST on Sunday and my iPhone 4 worked fine. But who sets an alarm on a Sunday anyway?
At least iDisk and gallery
You obviously say that simply because you read it somewhere Do it and see what a piece of crap you get. It is possible, we did it, but the result is pathetic. garbage!
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