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I thought the other layout and design was GREAT!     I remember the first time I came to the site with that new design, I thought "Wow!  This is one of the most well designed sites I regularly visit."  I liked the grey, I liked the tabs on the top for navigation.  It was just superb.  That happened sometime within the last 12 months.     Why in God's name do you change something you just reworked?
I sure do. I much prefer the way these forums look, which was how the whole site looked previously.  Boy, I sure get tired of the contemporary impulse to constantly change things.
Battery life is critical, I'll grant you.     But, good God, please let them make that stupid Flagged mailbox be hidden/moved again!
Hey, I see VPN listed as a feature.  Does that mean ML Server marks the return of a GUI for VPN or is it still command line?
Oh my God.  I was can't believe I was so close and... and... you cared enough to stop me.  Thank you, lightknight.  You are truly a noble person.
I am going to reserver judgement on this, but I'm worried for the first time that Apple may flub this rev.  I hope this thing is not just a longer/taller screen, but is more like this mock-up i.e. also a wider screen.  It's the only one I've seen that I might be able to live with.  
My response to all the new "features" in ML?  Yawn.   My only hope (and it may be a wild one, I'll admit) is that ML gets some streamlining/fixes under the hood the same way Leopard to Snow Leopard did.  There was a MAJOR improvement in overall performance and stability in that move and I really hope such is the case with L to ML.   Performance is the only thing I care about with this "upgrade".  This social integration is pabulum to me which I will leave for the...
  I have lived here for almost 20 years and I've never heard a local frown on 'san fran'.  The term "Frisco" is the one long time SF'ers have told me they don't like.  But no one I know bristles at "san fran".  As if it matters...   I have a complex relationship with my adopted hometown.  I still think it's gorgeous physically and I think in terms of value to quality there's no better place to eat out in the US.  Other than NYC, I can't imagine living anywhere else, at...
  For me, it's my wife and daughter who use our current iPad 2 the most.  I typically use it in the morning to read news etc.; at night I use it to visit non-news related websites or use the Kindle app on it .  I never take it with me out to work - I'm a Mac consultant who works onsite & remotely - because a) it's primarily used by the gals throughout the day and b) I personally find it too big and heavy to carry around with me while I'm out and about.   I have a regular...
More more more!  Until it comes out, then I'll buy one.  I want it.
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