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I'm unable to download the update (on any of my computers, some run Yosemite others El Capitan), errors range from server problems to plist parsing error, note that the download process never gets a chance to start.
Thanks Wiggin.  Here is a link with a bit more info, but Macworld has the same question you do, which is why did Apple decide to have two very slightly different models..   http://www.macworld.com/article/2991494/carriers/new-iphones-use-lte-on-any-american-carrier-despite-the-way-theyre-listed.html
Yes, so just what is the difference between the unlocked, sim free iPhone and the unlocked Apple Upgrade phone offer (which I took advantage of keeping my AT&at nlimited plan)??? I was told my phone was unlocked and although it came with an AT&T sim, it could be switched to any other carrier at any time, AND it could be used worldwide outside of the US.
Works in California (north of SF)
I've been holding off on getting a new trackpad (for some reason my existing one is freezing up and I have to "bend" it slightly to get going again - purchased when they first came out years ago), so I'm thrilled this is coming soon. Does anyone else now try and use 3-D touch on their iPads? My mind kind of expects it to be on all touch input devices now that I use it regularly on the iPhone 6s.
This may suggest that the upgrade cycle from the iPhone 5 and earlier series is continuing to increase. A lot of folks don't like the crowds and hassle of the initial launch, waiting to make sure the new phones get favorable reviews from friends/family and the internet pundits. They also prefer to wait to upgrade iOS until the kinks are ironed out. I think we are now at that point and between the increased upgraders and then the holiday gift cycle - Apple should do...
Given that the Piech/Porsche family is now taking over control of Volkswagen (parent company) it will be interesting to see if all of Volkswagen and its subsidiaries adopt CarPlay exclusively?
Just wish the new iPhones had the same capability (cursor control using the keyboard like the iPad under iOS 9)...
Here is a bit more detail on Microsoft's various pricing plans: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2985384/windows-apps/microsoft-raises-prices-of-office-one-time-licenses-5-to-7.html And here is an interesting review of the 2016 Office in Wired: http://www.wired.com/2015/09/office-2016-microsofts-best-hope-show-really-changed/ I swore I would not purchase another Microsoft Office upgrade, given Apple's iWork suite is free. But darn if Office isn't needed to...
OK with my iPhone whining that it couldn't connect to the watch and then noting that it was "unable to connect to server", my watch was apparently updating itself (apple logo with a slow moving clock face moving back up towards 12 O'clock).   Started this process at 10:10 AM this morning and it just finished at 1:44 PM.   Both my iPhone and watch now confirm that I am on 2.0.   Suggestion, make sure your watch is right next to your phone (must be in bluetooth range).   I...
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