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IF self driving cars become ubiquitous then I don't believe folks will own cars anymore. Transportation will "be a service", whereby you order your vehicle of choice (maybe a nicer one for an evening out, or a larger capacity for hauling the kids to the soccer game, or even a truck or van for moving/hauling). It will come and pick you up, deliver you, and then await your return requests to take you home (perhaps self parking itself or running other errands for other...
In thinking about charging I think if it uses a standard connector it could be recharged during the day from either another iDevice (iPhone/iPad/MacBook) or a small rechargeable battery (I have a battery case for my iPhone for example and I also carry a small pen sized flashlight 3000 ma battery in my bag for emergencies). So I don't see that as a big issue. Regarding the lifespan, I would be surprised if Apple hadn't thought long and hard about this. In the end I hope...
Fascinating post, I knew some of this was coming, but you've put all of the pieces together.  Thanks for this information Marvin!
  Apple is providing refunds to those who have paid to have servicing done. See this linkhttp://www.apple.com/support/macbookpro-videoissues/
Apologies, I'm a bit confused here. The article talks about iPhones (noting that the iPhone 6 launch propelled Apple's market share), but the data seems to be about the operating systems (iOS vs Android vs Blackberry, etc). If the data (and graph) are about operating systems does this take into account both the phones and pads, or simply the phones?
I could see this functionality built into the AppleWatch as being useful, but I don't think I would buy a separate $80 device to do this...
"It will not come back on after the Mac goes to sleep. It's stuck on connecting to Mac. I love this thing but reliability keeps me from using it." When traveling I turn off Display sleep on my MBP and set up a hot corner to put the display to sleep manually, so this is not an issue when using Duet for dual display.
I concur the update is a big improvement. I have a 2013 MBP and iPad Air 2 and it works nearly flawlessly now. A real help as I travel internationally and this provides a very handy second screen. I also received a SlingBox M1 (for TV place shifting) for Christmas and I am amazed at how well it works with my DirecTV when I'm traveling. I now have full access to both my DVR and all of my live satellite TV stations wherever I am in the world on my MBP or the iPad -...
So if this thing could function as a head unit for Apple Car Play, I would certainly consider puchasing one.
Apple traditionally "closes down" over the holidays, that is why there are almost no app updates after 12/22.  So it is NOT surprising that just before Christmas Apple would not have the personnel in place to implement a large release like this.     But for those with AppleTV it will be available on Crackle.  It does not show up on Crackle as of now, but is expected to go live at 1 PM 
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