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Well, I travel internationally - a lot, and I am also a geologist.  Having geolocated photos is integral to my work (I use an amazing app called Theodolite HD for field work), and makes my life much easier sorting lots of digital photos when I arrive back home.  Once they are geo-coded they can be directly plotted onto maps for reports or travel logs.
Should have mentioned I did the engraving on the back.  That may be why my delivery date is Oct 29-31st, even though shipping will be in 2-4 days...
My 128Gb Silver iPad Air 2 (wifi & cell) is confirmed for 2-4 day shipping with delivery by Oct 29-31st (west coast).
Bankruptcy courts have the ability to claw back ill gotten gains made in advance of the filing, and those don't necessarily have to be criminally obtained gains.  
Sad... I mean I attended MacWorld in Boston and SF, met Jobs personally at both events over the years. While the Apple launches today are only for the press, MacWorld provided an interface between Apple fans and Apple executives and engineers - there is no other venue like this for fans. MacWorld events also introduced me to a lot of really novel and interesting Apple compatible products (both software and hardware). I never left a MacWorld event without an armload of...
I'll be upgrading my iPad 3 - like everyone else, hopefully with TouchID and  2Gb memory and A8s chip!   While I'd like to see 5k iMac's and monitors, I wouldn't get one for another year or so.   I would get an upgraded Time Capsule (Ideally with 5+ Tb storage and of course the new updated "ac" wii-fi)   An updated AppleTV (hopefully with much improved interface and remote along with improved search and all channel listings for live TV.   An ability to use it as a...
I was excited about this article as I had an issue with Crackle last night on my AppleTV (it needed to authenticate and my iPad was handy, but couldn't access the proper URL because it was locked on the mobile site).   Well unfortunately it does not work on Crackle - I just tried and it still defaults to m.crackle.com/# .     So nice idea, but poor execution.
So anyone have more information on the Shellshock vulnerability?   http://www.macworld.com/article/2687857/bigger-than-heartbleed-shellshock-flaw-leaves-os-x-linux-more-open-to-attack.html
Sorry - Not their finger, but my finger.  If I'm unconscious a first responder could simply touch my finger to the phone and have access.  Apple could provide some specific action to only bring up emergency info upon that TouchID action (but that is not available now).
I haven't used this yet, but thanks for the information.  Some questions:   1)  How is this data accessible in an emergency?  Can a TouchID (finger print) be used in an emergency (if I am unconscious can a first responder use my finger to bring this up quickly)?  The "show when locked" feature is nice, but I really don't want some who borrows or steals my phone to have access to the is data.   2)  Is this data considered to be a part of Apple's health care repository...
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