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How is a one night stand nefarious?  It takes two to tango.   What a repressed view of the world.  
AND a new phone number.  You can only use one google number with one actual phone number unfortunately. I've tried!
Wow!  Some stupid comments here already. When was the last time anyone had to boot off a CD on a Mac??  A common action in the PC world of course.    And as for an optical drive being the best way to swap files, that is the dumbest of many dumb comments ever posted on AI.  It really is funny.   Now for a real question... why the **** should I get a retina display if as Apple says the pixels are so small I can't even see them with my eye?  Seems I should save...
Try washing your hands after you go to the bathroom. That seems to work for me. My iPod is just fine.
Some of the "young thundercats" could include the AppleInsider douche who wrote this article. Lines like "...it joins a number of major U.S. corporations that have attempted to stand in the way of WikiLeaks", should better read "...U.S. corporations that refuse to support the actions of WikiLeaks". WikiLeaks and their self-promoting (Australian) leader are hurting American interests by releasing information that has done nothing but put the lives of American...
Wow! That's a huge stretch. The language used to describe business issues and the government itself have been co-opted by Republicans (not necessarily conservatives) to support corporate interests above all else. So any changes you may perceive are merely window dressing at this point. This deal will likely go through without much trouble. If not, I will be pleasantly surprised.
Duhh. It will be an iPhone or iPod Touch. I control my laptop and iTunes when hooked up to my big screen tv via my iPod Touch. This is an amazing set-up really and the way of the future.
You people are short-sighted. An HDMI port is only good for one thing... hooking up to a TV. Thus including an HDMI port on the Mini is an indicator that Apple is heading more directly into the home theater arena. What form that may take will be revealed shortly... stay tuned for further exciting developments.
1) IR remote??? That is some archaic shit. Try Apple's free "Remote" app on your iPod Touch or iPhone for full control of iTunes, or you could try any of the plethora of third party remote applications. 2) Apple's product line may not have "amazing spec/price ratio" but they simply just work, every time, all the time, without fail. Unlike any PC you can name that may look better on paper, but is flakey as hell, like most PCs. So how's about you get a clue?
My thoughts exactly macdanboy. This is going to go over like a lead balloon. I can see it now, hoards of people lined up to fix their blue screen of death. I used to support both macs and pc's. When I was going to fix a mac I knew it would be a half hour or so pretty much no matter how bad it was. When going to fix a PC, I knew it was going to be a royal pain in the ass and take anywhere from an hour or two, to all day. This is going to be a frickin' disaster. I...
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