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###Having seen the effects of abuse, like a 20-day old baby come into the ED with its skull crushed and then dying shortly thereafter, a year old with severely burned feet after being dipped in a "hot bath", or a 4 year old with the mark of a hot clothes iron on her back, and many other incidents, I have to say that Apple did the right, if belated thing in pulling this app. Some topics are just not funny, at least if you have any sense of what is right and wrong, or what...
*** Wow, what a bunch of douches post here! If we rounded up all you self-centered, slack jawed, pasty f*cks and erased all traces of your existence, it would be a net benefit to humankind. Bono on the other hand, aside from what you think of him as a musician (damm good one), has used his fame to promote many worthy causes. I didn't realize he pressured Apple to do the product (Red) iPods. That's cool. Fcuk all you all bitches!
You misread the article, then you spout off like you actually know something. GPUs actually handle more tasks than just graphics these days. And even more so with the new MacOS coming out soon. Read your dang Appleinsider! Thus performance of the CPU alone is not the measure of the machine. Having slapped you down... I will say this update is a bit underwhelming...
Like the morons posting here whining about this. It's super useful to have these devices hacked in a controlled setting instead of going undiscovered for months while the real bad guys are stealing your info. Ohhh, and watch out for those (hushed tone)... h-a-c-k-e-r-s. (hold me, I'm scared!)
Good catch! There are a lot of dopes here. But I usually find a nugget in the pile of turds.
I think what a lot of noob posters here forget is that the business market is what is keeping the MacMini alive. This thing has a huge market as a small business cash register and in low end hosting and server farm markets. Read your previous AppleInsider articles about the MacMini. In this light the FW800 and maybe even the XS of USB ports makes more sense. Personally I will be buying one to use as the hub of my media center, along with a Drobo or the like.
Necessary for what? To provide a placebo for your fears? Maybe you should surrender all of your rights so you can feel safe. Or maybe you should be locked up for your own protection? A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
Hey Dopes/Dupes, giving your SSN to the phone company is a relic from the past when a person could run up huge long-distance bills. Your SSN allowed the phone company to track you down and/or ding your credit record if you didn't pay up. But since long-distance is now relatively free there is absolutely no need for phone companies to get your SSN. It's a bit fascist. I would especially NOT trust AT&T (or Verizon) since they seem to think it's okay to illegally trap...
And this IBM technology is HOW it will be done, dingus. As for this story... I guess AppleInsider is trying to get the inside scoop... ten years in advance. Real useful. I bet the iPhone won't even exist at that point.
I agree w/ Mr Piddly, wireless is the way to go. I mean really, what is this the 20th century?? A wireless screen that docks wirelessly, whether or not the laptop screen is open or not. Of course all your home peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) are linked to your wireless screen, preferably wirelessly!
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