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Things that made this country great? You mean like genocide, slavery, and racism, right? You go boy.
Your ignorance is displeasing. 1) why the h*ll would you put a harddrive in an ultra-portable device. Flash memory is where even notebooks are heading. 2) Palms and other PDAs are not "hobby device", so why would the new Newton be so? Newtons were the original PDA, and were widely adopted across several industries, including medicine. 3) Newton's were big due to the technology at the time, and because they were more powerful. Palm's have only recent approached the...
AppleTV still pretty weak! No way to record off the air/cable, 720p (but no iTunes content at that res), price going up... etc. All in all an overpriced, dull piece of equipment, that tethers you to Apple's teat.
I completely agree, per my previous, less in-depth post... nicely put.
nice review, but blows off using AppleTV to record "streaming media" off the airwaves (e.g. free HDTV). It would be nice to see an add-on to use a HDTV tuner like EyeTV ( http://elgato.com/index.php?file=products_eyetvhybridna ).
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