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The biggest reason for the 16GB to date is probably that it is either enough storage for many people or it starts the upgrade cycle to a device with larger storage sooner than later. Apple knows that once they get someone hooked with an iPhone that there next phone is also likely an iPhone, it's just a matter of storage capacity. This is one reason Apple is so profitable and the reason they are spending so much effort on the iPad to get that replacement cycle started.
You are just making up numbers now. You are not privy to any information of product splits or Apple's strategy. The best you can do is try to determine product mix based on unit sales and ASP. You also need to stop the name-calling and insults.
Just wanted to say that your appoach is more rational and more pro-Apple thansog35's contant exhortations to "get an Android." Glad he isn't running Apple marketing.
I read at MacRumors that Phoenix is already mapped. Tucson gets mapped in the last half of this month. There's also this bit at the end of this story from February:http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/02/23/latest-apple-mystery-van-sightings-occur-in-california-florida-hawaii
In some other thread, you stated this as fact. Where did you hear this. Have a link?
This is probably key. Outside of Apple only Google is in a position to make a long-term commitment operating at break-even or even at a loss. And I suspect things will get tougher for the competitors if the labels did end up getting their extra five percent. Apple may enjoy most favored nation status that sees more content exclusives and promos.
Hardly seems like abandonware since they added new data sources yesterday.
Their help pages mean jack squat legally. All that matters is their TOS where you grant Google a perpetual license to any photos you upload. I don't think Google will do anything untoward with people's photos but the perpetual license gives them a legal position to do so if they so choose in the future.
That's not what they do. But their terms of service for their photo app leave that open as a possibility in the future.
Why must so many of your posts turn into political diatribe?
New Posts  All Forums: