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I wonder if Apple is already working on this and that it is the reason for so many recent service failures.
The services that currently offer free tiers may be hard-presses to continue doing so once they need to negotiate new contracts with the labels. If it's true that the labels are pressing Apple for a larger take than other services the handwriting is on the wall for what the future holds. Remember that these services are already losing money their offerings.
Exactly. That is why Apple will be announcing Apple Music today. Had they had the licenses in place we'd probably also be seeing a new AppleTV and its related over-the-top streaming service. I expect at least a recap mentioning the continued success of the iPhone and some generic statements about the watch as well. The watch stuff would be a perfect segue for talking about Apple Retail.
And for this reason alone the labels should be anxious to do a deal with Apple.
This post just reaffirms my thoughts that you are a tinkerer (changing out the CPU). I have in no way denigrated others who choose to use other products. But I do get annoyed with those who come here with the intent to **** on Apple and its products no matter how clever or veiled their posts might be. I'm not saying you are one of these and there is nothing wrong about pointing out an advantage that another device might have. But for those who make a habit of routinely...
If local station content is the reason for the delay Apple should get the networks deals in place as quickly as possible and work on local content down the road. I know that local content would be a huge differentiator but it could take quite a while to get those deals done.
Relic. I don't think you fit the target market for Apple products. You are a tinkerer and Apple products are the antithesis of that by design. Nothing wrong with being a tinkerer but you should not expect that everyone else shares your needs and concerns.
And people should be up in arms about this but it's gone on too long I fear. The plan rates should have been dropping after the contract was met all along. This new approach brings potential heightened visibility to the issue which will hopefully result in some investigations for overcharging.
I think what Marvin is saying is that they can analyze the photos (like they would in the Tesla example) and use that information for determining ad rates.
My thoughts exactly.
New Posts  All Forums: