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And losing two weeks of sales. I think the new approach is much better for Apple and for recent purchasers.
You forgot to mention the reduced battery life once the Xoom gets Flash.
Where are you coming up with that? It was long ago dispelled that the paid upgrades were tied to carrier contracts.
That was one of the first things I thought when watching the event.
Yes it did.http://www.businessweek.com/news/201...-update1-.html
A retina display model at twice the resolution would not be a huge "fragmentation" - this is what they did for the iPhone 4 and it worked fine. The developers would need to rework their graphical elements to optimize for the new screen but things would still work pretty well. I will lay this out a slightly different way. I believe that all the engineering for a Retina Display iPad has already been done because I think that is what Apple hoped to ship this release. Due to...
They would need more RAM to accommodate a frame buffer four times larger and would probably want a more powerful GPU as well (although the current GPU could have been selected with the idea of a Retina Display in mind).
I think that Apple wants the iPad to be like the iPod rather than the iPhone in terms of its marketshare. I think they are prepared to move quickly to protect their lead in this space and, depending on cost and availability, will make a decision this summer.
He missed the part of the presentation where Jobs talked about technology intersecting the liberal arts and humanities.
Any company with any smarts peddles what they have, not what they will have.
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