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This will have little impact on Xbox 360 since the HD-DVD player is an accessory rather than being built-in. Expect Microsoft to quietly make a new Blu-Ray accessory in the no-to-distant future.
This is almost comical in light of current events. Yahoo is a company with no shortage of customers - #1 portal, #1 in email, essentially tied for #1 in IM, #2 in search and advertising and also a huge player in social networks (Flickr and del.icio.us) and yet its very existence as a separate company is threatened because its shareholders are unhappy.
According to a report at Fortune (http://apple20.blogs.fortune.cnn.com...of-mac-market/), Munster states in his research note:If this turns out to be accurate, the MBA will certainly do its job contributing to Apple's sales efforts (accounting for one-sixth of units sold of the six available Mac models). Yes its sales are lower than MacBooks and, likely, iMacs but contributing nicely to Apple's top line. As to the target market for the MBA, I know four people who have...
This has been my thought for quite some time and it amazes me that so many people on these forums want Apple to compete in thin-margin products. If it is true that many of Apple's products are for people with "more money than brains" as is frequently posted, then an economic downturn should effect Apple substantially less than a company looking to sell $500 PCs to people forced to choose basic living expenses over even a somewhat-required-these-days computer.
Not sure where you are getting your information but you are plainly incorrect. Microsoft's cash and short term investments totaled $21,076M as of 12/31/07. Their total currant assets were only $37,775M. You can review their balance sheet at http://finance.google.com/finance?fs...&q=NASDAQ:MSFT. At ~$7500M, their actual cash on hand is not even close to your $90 billion delusion. Additionally, their total cash and short-term equivalents are, at best, only equal to the cash...
Agreed! While a tender offer will no doubt succeed in Microsoft acquiring Yahoo, it will also likely put off a large number of the talented employees who do work at Yahoo - what should be the real treasure in the acquisition.
Companies that sell advertising space are media companies: they own broadcast stations, billboards, websites or other places to place advertising. While advertising is the end-game, I think Microsoft's short-term goal is adding all the additional "billboards" that Yahoo currently owns - portal, mail, IM and Flickr, in particular.
At 12/31/07, Microsoft had total current assets of 37.775B with cash and short-term investments of $21.076. Microsoft's current offer is half-cash, half-stock - from the press release:Microsoft will likely need to borrow money to complete this transaction which is something that will be new to them in recent years.
I am curious to see if broader Wi-Fi availability - along with the TSA's battery restrictions - will encourage the airlines (and hopefully, airports) to increase the number of power outlets available, especially for aircraft used for long-haul.
It is even worse that they do not include their WiFi hotspots as part of their cellular data plan subscriptions.
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