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That 6.5M in the first quarter includes sales of the current iPad.
I doubt you will ever see Apple do designer editions. They may offer premium products with better specs but that is about it.
Almost enough to make a guy want to go shopping with his lady.
Apple has chosen to address enterprise sales and support using a third party (Unisys). This approach works better then Apple trying to tailor its operations to deal with the enterprise.
You are right. Java SE6 will be available from Apple for Lion. After that, Java SE7 will be available from Oracle:http://www.appleinsider.com/articles..._mac_os_x.html
My guess is that future media events are hosted by Phil Schiller. Cook will come onstage to go over any financial or other milestones. Then they will trot out the appropriate Sr. VP based on the product (Forstall, Serlet, Mansfield). If a new product design is involved Ive (or his replacement) comes onstage or they roll a video (which they have routinely done in the past).I like Cook a lot, but I think that Apple would be making a mistake if they try to have him fill Jobs'...
My concern with any appearance by Jobs is that that will become the news rather then the new iPads. Apple likes to make sure the spotlight is on the products they announce.
I doubt Apple will lower the price for the iPad 2. For starters, there really is not any price competition at the current time. They are better off just taking the extra margin. And I assume they want to add a "retina display" as soon as possible, maybe as early as this fall. That display will be expensive and Apple would then need to turn around and raise their prices. Better to leave them where they are now.
That's 0.4% per device. Since Samsung, LG, HTC and others are likely to release multiple devices, they would have a higher share as a competitor.
Buying a music business would be more about control than margin, very similar to Comcast's purchase of NBC-Universal. Apple owning even EMI (the smallest of the majors) would force every other label with intentions of offering more than their own catalog online to reciprocate with iTunes. I am not sure that it makes sense in terms of margins or corporate culture issues but it is something that Apple might consider. As far as Apple becoming an MVNO, the numbers I find...
New Posts  All Forums: