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It would not appreciably shrink sales this quarter if it is not announced beforehand.
I think today's announcement was great and I am not the least bit disappointed. However, I'd bet that Apple would have loved to deliver a Retina Display iPad today. People would take one look at it compared to everything else and snatched it up. And Apple would probably have the supply of such displays tied up for at least 9 months, if not longer.
That does sound about right.
I think the point they are making is that Flash is used by Motorola as a selling point for the Xoom but that it is not actually available. It probably would not be much of an issue except that mobile Flash projects seem to be always delayed.
Found this today:http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-20038308-93.html
The Gobi chip provides CDMA and GSM/UMTS baseband - it is what they are using in the Verizon iPhone. I'm guessing they could not fit it into the slimmed-down enclosure (since Apple likes to maximize its use of common parts). Most carriers use the same frequencies with a few odd-balls like T-Mobile US.
I agree. If it happens, I see a premium model priced higher sitting atop the rest of the iPads. The higher price would temper demand while the work to improve display yields. I have not completely lost hope but iPad2 HD doesn't sound right to me either.
I was fairly certain before today that there would be a fall upgrade. After seeing the "2011 - Year of the iPad 2", I am much less certain. The one thing that still might make sense is introducing a premium product with Retina Display atop the current line-up if they can acquire displays in adequate quantities. These would probably also require additional RAM so I guess they would be $100 to $200 more expensive.
I'm guessing that their new graphics chip is slurping up a bit more power.
I was pretty confident that we will see another update to the iPad this year but am a bit less convinced now. The reason: "2011 - Year of the iPad2"
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