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Cook probably already accounts for much of the "vision" within Apple - it frees Jobs to concentrate on products (which is what I assume you meant above). However, people continually overlook that Cook's bachelor's degree is in Industrial Design. Will he have the same vision as Jobs? Probably not, but he also will not be clueless to design-led engineering. I also believe that most of the design inspiration comes from Jonathan Ive. What worries me most is that he might...
I think the constant negative press on Apple's revenue share for content and products that it does not deliver plus today's announcement regarding ACN are taking their toll. It appears to many that Apple is not a reliable partner and they are reacting to that uncertainty. Throw in some short sellers and you have the current stock price.
Apple likes to release products such that each spends some time alone in the spotlight. This is probably more important right now with Steve's absence. By releasing products at separate events, there will be a sense of "business as usual" at Apple.Not that I really think there was any chance that new iMacs would be released with MBPs anyway.
I was hoping you would respond since you are one of the very few here who has actually worked for the man. I'd make two other observations:Small egos rarely accomplish big thingsToo often, an acute sense of purpose is mistaken as a sense of self-importance
The iPad3 is rumored to have a "Retina display" - probably double the current resolution in addition to other updates - it will need some graphics horsepower to move 4 times the pixels. I think it may be more expensive.Offering the current 16GB Wi-Fi iPad at $399 would be a great strategy to both pressure the competition as well as creating a lower-entry point which would bring in new customers.
I don't think Apple needs to lower its margins or prices on the new iPad. They might possibly keep the original iPad around at a lower price. The best solution is just making sure that iPad2 is competitive which does not mean ticking off every box but rather that it is simply the best experience in a tablet computer format.
If this happens, it will be a larger iPod Touch. Besides size, the most obvious distinction between an iPod Touch and an iPad is the display's aspect ratio. Maintaining the 3:2 aspect ratio would make this an extension of the iPod Touch and means that developers will not have to do much work to get their existing apps appearing nicely on the display. The 3:2 aspect ratio is also closer to the ~16:9 aspect ratio that some other 7" tablets are using.
For those saying that there is no possibility of side-loading content, this is incorrect. It was made clear in the announcement that publishers can provide their own authentication in their app to allow access to content purchased elsewhere:http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...app_store.html The publisher would also need to include and in-app purchase button but the option to deliver content purchased elsewhere does exist.
Tin foil is hard to come by - hope you don't mind using aluminum for that hat.Note to self: Buy Alcoa
This is likely impossible given the new subscription in-app purchases. The apps are always going to be containers for the sole purpose of delivering subscribed content.
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