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I'm surprised they didn't use the Gobi chip in the iPad2 - maybe there is not enough room after it's been slimmed down.
Thanks so much for this. Kinda sums up the real differences although iOS 5 better improve notifications.
I'm thinking we check back in June.
You forgot it should cost only $19.99 and for a limited time you will get a second iPad free* *Handling charges apply
They will probably unify everything at iOS 5
I think that Dick Applebaum is going to be one happy camper.
I wonder if Jobs got this deal done while he was on leave. He said he would be involved in strategic stuff while on leave and getting RH into the IBookstore is a pretty big deal.
I thought he looked pretty good but then I didn't expect that he was going to have some amazing transformation in a mere six weeks. People need to accept that he will likely always be thin the rest of his life due to his illnesses and their treatment. I'm hoping Apple puts the event up soon as that will give a better indication of his energy level.
I was pretty surprised at Jobs' presence. I thought Apple might be concerned that Jobs would be the news instead of the new iPad. It looks like he did another stellar presentation - hopefully, it will be available soon. I think the MobileMe announcements might come next month. They announced that the NC data center would not be operational until spring. Assuming they get things up-to-speed there in April, I can see a late-April/early-May announcement - conveniently between...
There are plenty of things that Apple could add to improve the device over time. However, I think the focus for the next release after iPad2 will be a high-res display - nothing would stand out more in a side-by-side comparison at Best Buy. People would look at the iPad's screen and say "I'll take that". And, with its ability to prepay, Apple could tie up most of the production so that competitors would not be able to offer a competing product.
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