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 The TOS seems pretty clear to me: You retain ownership of your photos but you grant Google a perpetual license to use those photos. The question then becomes why does Google need a perpetual license to accommodate the use cases they have identified. In spite of the similarities in their TOS, Apple doesn't seem to need a perpetual license to accomplish the same things. I really don't believe that Google is going to be using someone's photos for their own purposes without...
You're talking in circles. If they are going to do facial recognition it will require a camera at each register which the retailer would need to install. The alternative would be to use your phone's camera for the facial recognition but then you'd need to have your phone in-hand which defeats the purpose. Or are you suggesting that you take a pic of your face when registering with Google. I'm sure some would have no problem with this but I sure as hell wouldn't be...
 So this payment method requires retailers to install microphones? And you then say in your next post that it uses facial recognition which means retailers would also need to install cameras. I have a hard time seeing much uptake by retailers if these two things are true.
It's a substantial start.
Apple doesn't collect information on age, gender relationship status, type of relationship one is looking for and education. These are all potential ad targeting demographics.
This seems to be a frequent response of your: someone is going to do it, might as well be Google.
The Unsend feature in Inbox is interesting: it means that they are not immediately dispatching the mail
"Weave will be cross-platform, meaning it can work with devices that are running Brillo, or any other low-end operating system"
Bromwich has gone beyond the court's mission of monitoring Apple's e-books arrangements as the court's "give pause" comment highlights. I wouldn't be surprised if the court doesn't send a memo to Bromwich reminding him of his mission.
I have app notifications turned on for only a very few apps. Of course I don't respond to them as much as other users might.
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